Free support and promotion for those organising dance performances

U.Dance Registration Programme

Registering your dance performance as a U.Dance event is a great way to join a national network of dance platforms for children and young people. Registration is free and has great benefits, including participation certificates for each of your dancers.

By registering your event you will receive:

  • A U.Dance USB pen with templates and resources to assist you with your event. Resources include risk assessment template, a performance programme template, a performance check-list and fundraising ideas.
  • 100 A5 colour printed certificates for the dancers at your event.
  • Access to special ticket deals for professional dance performances for you to enjoy and take your group or class along.
  • U.Dance logo to include on promotional materials
  • The opportunity to win one of our termly Dance Awards.
  • Special incentives for people who register three or more events with U.Dance, including a U.Dance Champion Hoodie and inclusion in the U.Dance Champions page.

Registration Criteria

To register for U.Dance your event must meet the following criteria:

  • Involve children and/or young people from more than one school or dance group from within the UK
  • Accessible to children and young people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social background or disability
  • Encourage the inclusion of a diversity of dance styles and genres
  • Take place in a safe place that is appropriate for dance performance
  • Includes a comprehensive child protection policy for the safe management and delivery of your dance performance
  • Engages children and young people in a positive experience that fosters creativity, mutual encouragement and respect, and excellence in dance
  • Takes place in more than 30 days’ time

For more information about registering your U.Dance event, please email