Award Category Sponsors



Sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Harlequin Floors has been the world leader in advanced technology flooring for 40 years and in that time has worked scrupulously with technical directors and dancers themselves to develop floors that keep dancers safe and healthy. It understands the tireless commitment it takes to make a positive difference and so is enormously proud to champion those who dedicate their lives to the future of children and young people by sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement Award. The very best of luck to all the nominees for One Dance UK’s Dance Teaching Awards.


Sponsor of the Rising Star Award


Sponsor of the Outstanding Primary Dance Teacher Award

Dancewear Central feel that encouraging a love of dance from an early age is of huge benefit to children; enriching and inspiring their young lives. We are delighted to be sponsoring the Outstanding Primary Dance Teaching Award to celebrate those who nurture young dancers in these formative years.


Sponsor of the Inspirational Lecturer at College, University or Conservatoire Award

DWFM Beckman is a long-established Central London law firm which assists all sectors of the Dance Industry in relation to their legal and business affairs. Inspiring students is integral to ensuring their success and encouraging them to fulfil their potential. Students in higher education who are inspired by their lecturers and tutors can accomplish amazing things, and that motivation always stays with them. We are, therefore, pleased to sponsor this award.


Sponsor of the Inspirational Work in Education Award

Safe in Dance International believes it is the right of everyone involved in dance to teach, study, train, rehearse and perform in a safe and supportive environment. We are delighted to be part of these new Dance Teaching Awards and to help celebrate those inspirational people who support the best in dance teaching and education. We are particularly thrilled to be able to support the Inspirational Work in Education Award.

Working with our international partners, including NIDMS and Healthy Dancer Canada, Safe in Dance International has developed an industry standard for Safe and Healthy Dance Practice which is ensured and endorsed through Courses, Certification and Validation.


Sponsor of the Inspirational Community Dance Practitioner Award

People Dancing is the development organisation and membership body for community and participatory dance, working across the UK and internationally. We believe dance can change lives and transform communities, and recognise the skills and dedication of dance practitioners working at the heart of their communities to help make this happen.