Selection Panel

Selection Panel

One Dance UK’s Dance Teaching Awards Selection Panel comprises a group of esteemed professionals representing a wide-breadth of specialisms, who champion dance education and participation. Together they will select the shortlisted nominees and winners of the 2017 Dance Teaching Awards.

Geoff Barton

Head teacher and from April 2017, General Secretary of the Association of School and College leaders (ASCL)

I am delighted to be on the panel. As headteacher of a large comprehensive school with dance at the heart of our work, I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with the aims of these awards. I see how dance liberates, brings discipline, enables self-expression and opens our eyes to other cultures. To be part of the awards panel is a huge privilege.

Althea Efunshile CBE

Former Deputy Chief Executive of Arts Council England, Arts Consultant

I’m delighted to be a member of the selection panel for these awards because I love dance and I’m committed to the provision of an excellent cultural education and good outcomes for children and young people. These awards are important because they recognise high-quality dance teaching and leadership, and raise the profile of dance education.

Carolyn Lappin

Executive Director of YDance

As Executive Director of YDance – the national dance organisation for children and young people in Scotland – I am pleased to be part of the panel for the Dance Teaching Awards. YDance champions dance in schools in Scotland, directly provides dance workshops and projects, and supports dance artists working with children and young people outside school settings. The Dance Teaching Awards will recognise the excellent work being done by dance teachers all over the UK, and showcase the impact good dance teachers and leaders can have on young people.

Linda Jasper MBE

Former Director of Youth Dance England, Dance Consultant

Dance teachers are the people who are essential for the creation and sustainability of the dance sector. Often working on their own, they strive to make the case for the importance of dance as well as creating high quality experiences for the people who take part. In dance organisations, colleges and universities they are forging our future dance professionals and developing dance as a discipline. Without my school dance teacher, Emily Hargreaves, I would not have made the career choices that led me to my life in dance. She was inspirational, determined to give her pupils the best start in life through providing a dance education.  


Dance teachers do not have the profile that they deserve. and this is why I wholeheartedly support One Dance UK’s Dance Teaching Awards and am delighted to have been invited to join the panel.

Piali Ray OBE

Director of Sampad, South Asian Arts

Reflecting on my days as a dance student in India my Gurus or Teachers were a big part of my life and I remember them with immense affection, gratitude and love. Like my parents, they played a critical role in shaping my ambitions and nurtured my creative skills. Their teaching went way beyond delivering dance syllabus and honing technique. The strict discipline and admonitions were balanced with unconditional love, affection and care and to this day my teachers continue to be inspirational role models. The pride they take in my achievements make me further appreciate their place in my life and my love for dance.


We have amazing dancers around us now who have all been trained by someone special. Irrespective of the challenges of artists’ lives, I am convinced that having a teacher’s guidance who supports and motivates you is immeasurable. We have to acknowledge the tremendous contribution of dance teachers as we celebrate dance in all its glorious diversity in the UK. I am delighted to be part of the panel that will honour dance teachers who continue to strengthen the foundation of dance in the UK.