Commissioned Artists of Dance Passion 2022

Zeb Simpson

BBC and One Dance UK are pleased to announce 14 artists from across the UK have been commissioned to create new projects as part of Dance Passion 2022, including a work by trailblazing choreographer Corey Baker.

Film Projects

Please note – the following text includes working titles and descriptions. As a result, they may change or evolve over the coming weeks. Please check back for further updates as we progress!

Dance Race (working title)
Corey Baker Dance

The hero film for Dance Passion, a specially commissioned short film by trailblazing New Zealand-born/Birmingham-based choreographer Corey Baker – hot on the heels of his global sensation Swan Lake Ballet. For Dance Passion, Baker is devising an “action sequence” filmed in various locations.

Surge – Make Me Feel
Tom Dale Company

An interactive dance experience exploring the body as interface between our organic/digital futures. Set inside a Real/Virtual and augmented landscape it features a central character – but are they human or android?

Neon Romance
Laura Kriefman, Barbican Theatre

A love story about engineering, imagination, hybrids and rebels.

Heart Land
Richard Chappell Dance

An impassioned intergenerational film exploring how different generations can come together through dance to promote ways to tackle ecological damage and climate change.

A Decade Later
Prototype and Brooke Milliner

Bringing the underground culture of Street Dance Battles into the spotlight, this exclusive behind the scenes documentary follows one of the UK’s most celebrated crews – Prototype.

Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance

The new piece will be about how as a disabled artist with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and no verbal communication, Lisa choreographs to express herself using other people’s bodies as a vessel.

Constant Vigier

Through the magic of editing, one single dancer becomes twenty-eight to display a choreographic series of movements and patterns, as if a Rubik’s Cube came to life and started to dance.

Hel Yr Hinsawdd /Climate Pursuits
Light, Ladd, Emberton

This bilingual dance film moves through geological processes, Welsh legends, and current threats to Wales’ coastal towns.

Jennifer Rooney and Ciaran Haggerty

This multi-sensory story blurs the lines between a performance space and the digital dimension. Combining dance and film projection this daring and adventurous film is based on a true story.

Interactive Projects

Out Late (StoryFormer)

Dance and theatre are seamlessly combined to reimagine the UK’s favourite genre of fiction: crime drama, with StoryFormer technology giving the audience agency to make decisions as they consume the story.

Beneath Still Waters (StoryFormer)
Ruth Brill and Matthew Wyon

Using a single core dancer wearing telemetric gas analysis and an XSENS suit, this film allows the audience to explore the different physiological and bio mechanical demands of different dance genres such as ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, tap, and more.

Dive into Dance (BBC Notes)
Antoine Marc with Milk It Studio
An immersive visual project sharing a choreographic process. While XR technology will visually highlight musical elements, the audience will be guided through the piece using BBC Notes to create a unique compelling experience of both light and dance.

Laying the Ground (StoryFormer)
Namron OBE and Yassmin V. Foster

This exciting interactive film centres 76-year-old black British contemporary dancer, Namron OBE. Utilising StoryFormer, viewers will explore content both around heritage and race and that also challenges the omission and representation of black dancers in Britain’s dance history.

Noise (StoryFormer)
Neus Gil Cortés – Nua Dance

This immersive experience is designed to offer paths for both hearing and d/Deaf audiences. Using StoryFormer the audience will be encouraged
to follow different characters, discovering their unique experiences in the order that speaks to them.