Current DAD projects

The DAD team has specific focus on the supporting, amplifying, celebrating, and building stronger and resilient communities of practitioners from, and working in, Dance of the African Diaspora 

 We understand our support encompasses both communities and practitioners that connect with the lived heritage – and those who connect to the dance forms rooted in – the African Diaspora. 

What do we do? 

 Our mission for 2022 – 2023 is focused on 3 key themes: 

Education and Training

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DAD in the Education sector

Focus on increasing representation and authenticity in dance education of teaching African Diaspora styles 

Education for professional practice

Funding & Artistic Sustainability

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Tangible support for resilience 

In direct response to the sector needs – dedication to create resources and opportunities to upskill DAD practitioners on funding and artistic sustainability 

 Strengthening sustainable networks 

Connecting conversations between funders, organisations, artistic practitioners and freelancer to encourage sustainable pathways. 


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Amplify DAD opportunities 

Ensuring our DAD focus outputs are relevant, engaging, and useful to the growth of our communities. 

 Advocate for DAD communities 

Connecting directly into the change and support needed for sector growth through Member Led Networks. 

 Championing open dialogue 

Committed to engaging, hosting, and holding conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion and how it relates to the community & phrase ‘African Diaspora Dance’ 

Our 2022- 2022 activities

We pride ourselves in partnering with amazing organisations, practitioners, and projects throughout the UK. This year we are thrilled to be programming digital and live events across the country. 

 Jan 2022Launch of Member Led Network – Jazz Theatre Arts UK (JTA.UK)  (Online) 

May 2022 HOTFOOT Magazine release  (Online) 

More events coming soon! 

Please note, all events are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.