Young Creatives

Young Creatives

Young Creative Nina by Dani Bower Photography

We are launching a search to find the choreographers of the future!

If you’re between the ages of 15-19, or up to 25 for young people with disabilities, and are interested in choreography, then this programme is for you. As part of the Young Creatives programme, you will be offered the chance to explore, develop and share your creative talent. Not only will you have the chance to learn from amazing industry professionals who are experts in their fields during your foundation year but (on successful completion of Year 1) you will also have the opportunity to continue into Year 2, during which you will receive high-quality mentoring to help you create your own live dance work or dance film! Whatever your preferred style of dance is, we want to work with you!. Previous experience is not essential, we just want you to bring your passion and enthusiasm for dance and choreography!


Young Creatives Showcase 2021

Watch the work of the 2020-21 Young Creatives at the Young Choreographers Showcase, part of U.Dance National Youth Dance Festival 2021 here.

Interested in applying?

Applications are NOW OPEN!

What is Young Creatives?

Young Creatives is a national programme managed by One Dance UK. As part of the programme, in Year 1young choreographers will benefit from the opportunity to attend online workshops with industry professionals to explore many different choreographic methods, processes and ideas. Each Young Creative will be encouraged to develop their choreographic skill set with the support Year 1 Creative Lead Rhian Robbins. Following successful completion of Year 1, Young Creatives will then be invited to continue into Year 2 where they will create their own independent dance work, either as a live performance or film. During Year 2, participants receive high-quality and personalised mentoring from a professional choreographer, leading to their final dance piece being showcased at a professional venue! Previous Young Creatives showcases have taken place at Rambert, Royal Opera House and Southbank Centre London!

Young Creative Ashur by Dani Bower Photography            Young Creative Tassia by Dani Bower Photography

“For me, Young Creatives gets to the heart of the matter. It gives young people the time and space to explore their own ideas and I find their openness and creativity inspiring.”

Sir Richard Alston, Champion of U.Dance and Young Creatives

“Taking part in Young Creatives in 2013 gave me the resources to develop my first independent creation outside of an institution and high quality mentoring to support my explorations. It was a brilliant time where I received the encouragement to challenge myself and be vocal about my choreographic decisions in an environment around young like minded artists. The diverse and enriching experience of Young Creatives was the single most pivotal experience of my dance training and lay the building blocks for my future career as a choreographer.”

Richard Chappell, Young Creatives Alumnus,
International Choreographer and Director, Richard Chappell Dance

“I am so grateful to have been a part of this year’s cohort of Young Creatives. The programme has introduced me to brilliant people I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with as well as incredible workshops with experienced minds I was encouraged to make the most out of. The classes provided as part of Young Creatives have not only allowed me to choreograph but helped me create in loads of different ways with very different outcomes. This whole experience pushed me to question and change how I will approach choreography for the better. One of many highlights of this experience was the always open window of opportunity to ask questions to gain more insight and inform creative decisions I was making when I wanted an observer’s opinion. Everyone should apply for Young Creatives, the sessions are so challenging, fulfilling and you will be pleasantly surprised and proud of yourself by the end of it!”

Ashur, Young Creatives Year 1 participant 2020/21

 “Being on the Young Creatives programme has helped me grow as an artist and aspiring choreographer. I have always been interested in movement and so I wanted to choreograph a piece that reflects my creativity and culture. I am grateful that I have even been provided the help from my mentor. I learnt that the work you put into something is reflected in the result.”

Choolwe, Young Creatives Participant 2019 – 2021

 “Being a part of the Young Creatives programme 2020/21 was an amazing opportunity to further my choreographic skills and concepts. I was able to work with amazing artists and mentors who gave their time to listen and aid with the choreographic processes and provide useful feedback in order for me to develop my skills as a performer, choreographer and maker. Each meeting we had (whether over zoom or in person) was friendly, creative and extremely insightful into the dance profession, no matter which career path you’d like to take. I made wonderful friends within the programme and I was able to see their different choreographic styles which gave me new knowledge and insights that I could use in the future. The staff involved always kept me up to date on important information and I had lots of support with my creative decisions. This opportunity has lead me to make many new networks with other artists who I can look up to and ask for any advice in the future.”

 Helena, Young Creatives Participant 2019 – 2021


Young Creatives 2021 Programme Sponsor