The Programme Board: Children & Young People’s Dance

The Programme Board: Children & Young People’s Dance

The Programme Board: Children & Young People’s Dance (PB), is a unique grouping of organisations that have a national remit to support dance for Children and Young People (CYP) in and beyond schools, that includes both Dance and PE and Sport organisations.

There are other fora and networks but this is the only one focused on CYP’s dance and that represents cross sector interests involving Dance, Health, PE, Sports and Schools.

What has been successful:

  • It has provided a forum for the meeting of the leading national organisations with an interest and/or responsibility for dance in and beyond schools
  • It has been seen as a useful source of contact and information by government departments and NGOs (such as ACE, Ofqual and Ofsted) to consult, discuss and be informed of the developments in CYP’s dance
  • It has raised the profile of CYP’s dance on the agenda of the members and observers

The purpose of the group is to provide:

  • Contributions to joint responses to government reports/enquiries, where possible
  • Information on current trends, issues and development areas to inform planning and delivery
  • A vehicle for raising profile of CYP’s dance in members’ own plans and communication strategies
  • Resources both human and financial, as agreed, to address priorities/actions

One Dance UK acts as the secretariat for the PB and also has a representative present at PB meetings. Meetings are held approximately three times a year and public reports from these meetings will be available on this page:

Report from PB Meeting: