Dance Educators’ Group

The Dance Educators’ Group (DEG) is an informal, un-funded, national networking group of dance education officers and managers who work for dance organisations, dance venues or dance agencies across the UK. The group meets four times a year and each meeting is chaired and coordinated by a team of volunteers who gather feedback and requests from members of the group to design meeting agendas, invite guest speakers and facilitate discussion and debate. DEG seeks to provide a forum for professional dance educators to share models of practice and pool resources to contribute to the development of dance education in the UK.

Why join?

  • To share knowledge around dance education
  • To both gain and share information on new developments in the sector
  • As an opportunity to discuss best practice and network
  • To consult with peers about current dance education issues and to present work to one another

How to join…

Members of the Dance Educators’ Group are employees representing an established, not for profit, dance organisation, venue or agency with a proven track record of working in the dance sector. The individual should represent the strand of the organisation specifically dedicated to education, learning or participation. If you are interested in joining, please send your membership enquiry to detailing your job role and what dance organisation, venue or agency you work for.