A Great British Success Story

Dance Manifestos

Dance Manifesto 2017

Due to the snap election being called on 8 June 2017, One Dance UK created a updated Dance Manifesto which outlines key sector demands or dance across the country.


Dance Manifesto 2015

2015 Dance Manifesto: Dance: A Great British Success Story

2015 Dance Manifesto: Dance: A Great British Success Story

Dance is not only an important art form, but a powerful force for achieving a healthier lifestyle with proven success in tackling particular challenges including obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer and loneliness.

The Dance Manifesto Minibook 2015  is meant to introduce politicians who don’t know anything about dance to some of the many benefits of participating in and watching dance.

The Dance Manifesto calls on politicians to:

  • Ensure dance is an integral part of every young person’s education, with the same status as music, maths and English
  • Recognise and act to harness the proven health and wellbeing benefits of dance to communities
  • Champion dance as a great UK art form


How you can help

Let your MP know that dance is important to you. Download your copy of the Dance Manifesto Minibook 2015 and send it to your MP.

Not sure who your MP is? Learn how to contact your MP on the Houses of Parliament website.


Dance Manifesto Launch

The Dance Manifesto was launched Monday 23 February 2015 by Dance UK at the UK Houses of Parliament with a fun, social dance class led by Strictly Come Dancing stars Jenny Thomas and Robin Windsor. The event was well attended by dance advocates and MPs, including the Minister for Culture, the Hon Ed Vaizey MP.

“Dance Manifesto Launch at the Houses of Parliament 23 February 2015; Photographer Eliott Franks”