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One Dance UK is running weekly Return to Dance webinars

Re:generations 4 – Diasporic Dance: Legacies of Imagination

U.Dance is a national programme which seeks to increase the number of performances involving young people and support those who organise them.

U.Dance on Screen opens each year with a call for submissions

Dance Teacher Advocacy Group

A group of secondary dance teachers from across the country to help advocate for dance in schools and an advisory board for One Dance UK. The teachers were selected for their dedication, passion, experience and for their engagement with One Dance UK.

One Dance UK has launched an important report Movement Beyond Borders – The UK Dance Sector Outlook on Brexit.

This report sets out what we’ve learned and our recommendations of how to safeguard the conditions that will allow the UK dance sector to continue to thrive after the UK leaves the EU.


Young Creatives provides young people with a platform to develop their choreographic skills and ideas and the space to be daring and brave through the creation of their own work.