Programme and speakers confirmed for Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance, the UK’s first ever hip-hop focused Healthier Dancer conference in London.

5 May 2017

Programme and speakers confirmed for Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance, the UK’s first ever hip-hop focused Healthier Dancer conference at London’s Stratford Circus Arts Centre on 11 May 2017.

The conference starts with a ‘World Café’ featuring provocations from Boy Blue Entertainment’s Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, One Dance UK Trailblazer Ithalia Forel, Sunanda Biswas ‘BGirl SunSun’, dance physiotherapist Caroline Jubb, Olivia Daniell & Lauren Filer ‘Exception-Elle’ and culminates in a performance by the UEL Dance Collective of Unite Enlighten Love, choreographed by Boy Blue Entertainment’s Kenrick Sandy.

 One week to go and One Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer Programme has announced the final programme and line-up of speakers for its forthcoming hip hop focused conference, Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance.

 This is the UK’s first-ever full-day conference focused on the health, well-being and training issues of hip hop artists. It is presented in collaboration with Stratford Circus Arts Centre and East London Dance, between 9.30 and 6pm on Thursday 11 May, 2017 at Stratford Circus Arts Centre and the University of East London.

The conference has been devised to respond to the specific needs and concerns of practitioners in this highly physical genre, and to bring the artists together in one place with medical practitioners and researchers in a sharing of experience and information.

Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance will be fired up by a morning panel and ‘World Café’ round-table discussion, featuring interviews with and provocations from the leading artists and practitioners presenting throughout the day; setting the tone for an action-packed afternoon of practical workshops, seminars, research presentations and networking.

Helen Laws, One Dance UK’s Head of Industry and Artist Support / National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science says, “Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance is real step forward in responding to the particular needs of hip hop artists. It represents a golden opportunity to bring artists together with scientists and researchers, enabling a fruitful sharing of knowledge and experience, which we hope will lead to greater understanding of the demands of this artform and who knows, maybe even fewer injuries! We wholeheartedly thank all the amazing speakers, who are pioneers in addressing hip hop dancers’ health and fitness needs, for helping us put together such a rich, varied and unique programme and UEL Dance Collective and Kenrick Sandy for providing the closing performance of Unite Enlighten Love. We’d also like to thank our partners SSAC and ELD without whose support this conference would never have taken place”.

Speakers and presenters confirmed for Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance are a roll call of the top names in Hip Hop and Dance Medicine and Science. They include:

Emmanuel Adelekun ‘BBoy Manny’, BBoy (Soul Mavericks), Teacher/Instructor, Writer/Journalist

Mark Archer, Physiotherapist

Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, Co-Artistic Director of Boy Blue Entertainment

Sunanda Biswas ‘BGirl SunSun’, Dancer, BGirl, Teacher, and Choreographer

Sonja Cimelli, Podiatrist and MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation Student

Olivia Daniell ‘Bgirl Gravedigger’, Soft Tissue Therapist/ Dancer

Stephanie De’Ath, Manager, National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS)

Luther ‘London’ Dyer, Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer

Claire Farmer, Manager, National institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS)

Lauren Filer ‘BGirl Hot Feet’, Dancer, Teacher, Conditioning Coach

Frederick ‘Realness’ Folkes, Dancer and Teacher

Ithalia Forel, Co-Director of Movema and One Dance UK Trailblazer Champion

Sylvia Fratelli, Artistic Director, Mimbre

Anthony Jackson ‘BBoy AJ-47’, BBoy (Soul Mavericks), Teacher/Instructor, Youtuber (BBoy Tutorials) & Sports Nutritionist

Caroline Jubb, Physiotherapist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Zerlina Mastin, Sports and Science Nutritionist

Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer

Dr Keir Philip ‘BBoy Kid Keir’, Doctor and Dancer/BBoy

Miroslav Sekula ‘BBoy Mayro’, BBoy, Student

Nefeli ‘sMash’ Tsiouti, Founder & Director of Project Breakalign

Dr Roger Wolman, Consultant in Rheumatology and SEM, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Professor Matthew Wyon, Professor in Dance Science at the University of Wolverhampton

Full conference programme:

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