Programme and Speakers Announced for Hip Hop Focused HDP Conference

24 Apr 2017

Mind the Gap: Train Smart, Improve Performance

Thursday 11 May 2017

9:30am – 6pm

Stratford Circus Arts Centre and University of East London, London

We have an exciting programme in store for our Healthier Dancer Programme Conference in May, delivered in partnership with East London Dance and Stratford Circus Arts Centre. Presentations, discussion and networking forums, workshops, and seminars will be led by artists, healthcare practitioners and researchers. In fact there is so much going on, you might want to so settle down with a cuppa now to decide which sessions you are going to attend! Then click here to book your tickets.

The Morning
All delegates will be invited to attend the morning programme, which will feature a keynote lecture and a world café discussion forum.

The keynote speaker will be announced nearer to the conference date, so stay tuned for this exciting announcement – we promise it will be worth the suspense!

The world café discussion forum provides an opportunity to discuss ideas and challenges and share practice. Delegates will be seated in small groups and discussion will be prompted by provocation speeches given at 20 minute intervals by world-leading artists and experts. Speakers confirmed so far for this session include, Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Boy Blue Entertainment, Ithalia Forel, Co-Director of Movema and One Dance UK Trailblazer, Sunanda Biswas, Dancer, BGirl, Teacher, and Choreographer, Caroline Jubb, specialist ESP Physiotherapist at the NIDMS clinic, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, and BGirl duo ‘Exception-elle’, Olivia Daniell (AKA BGirl Gravedigger) and Lar Filer (AKA BGirl Hot Feet). Speeches will touch upon health concerns in training and performance, but also address topics such as culture, females in hip hop, teaching practices, and youth involvement in shaping the future.

After lunch, we will divide into two strands. The practical workshop route is designed with the specific needs of artists, performers, choreographers, and teachers in mind, whereas the conference route allows researchers, healthcare specialists and those with an interest in dance medicine and science to delve deeper into the existing knowledge and challenges for furthering research and clinical practices in this area.

The Afternoon – Workshop Route
These sessions after lunch will be practical workshops aimed at dancers, performers, teachers and choreographers. Multiple parallel sessions will be on offer giving delegates the ability to select which workshops they wish to attend. Performers, teachers and choreographers will move and actively practice, as well as gain specific advice for their disciplines to apply back into their own training.

The workshop route is divided into three main themes, 1) expand your skills by learning from experienced artists in wide-ranging styles, 2) learn practical strategies for managing injury and the latest in athletes’ nutrition as well as the wide range of resources available for performers through interactive seminars, 3) explore what it means to be physically prepared for the demands of specific hip hop styles though energetic fitness workshops.

Full-day delegates have the choice between three workshops during each time block.

From 13.30 to 14.30 choose between a style specific workshop designed to expand your skills with Luther ‘London’ Dyer, an informative seminar on the work done by Project Breakalign, with Founder Nefeli Tsiouti, and a fitness workshop considering preparation for meeting the demands of Krump, with Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade.

From 14.45 to 15.45 expand your skills with an African Dance workshop with One Dance UK Trailblazer Ithalia Forel, Co-Director of Movema, learn strategies for managing injuries and resources available to assist you with Olivia Daniell, Soft Tissue Therapist and Dancer/BGirl, and Stephanie De’Ath, Manager of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) or experience a breaking specific fitness workshop with 2017 UK BBoy Championship Crew Finalists Soul Mavericks members Anthony ‘AJ-47’ Jackson and Emmanuel Adelekun ‘BBoy Manny’.

From 16.30 to 17.00 learn some new acrobatics and acrobalance skills with Mimbre’s Silvia Fratelli, experience a fitness workshop with Locking & Popping legend Frederick ‘Realness’ Folkes, or ask your nutrition questions in an informative seminar from Zerlina Mastin, Sports and Dance Nutritionist, and Miroslav Sekula (BBoy Mayro) (16.00-17.00).

The Afternoon – Conference Route
These sessions after lunch are aimed at healthcare practitioners and researchers and those with an interest in the development of these fields within hip hop and are chaired by Kim Hutt, Lecturer in Physical Support at London Contemporary Dance School and member of One Dance UK’s Dance Medicine and Science Expert Panel.

Healthier Dancer Programme Managers Erin Sanchez and Sarah Needham-Beck will begin by talking delegates through the important work that has been undertaken around the UK by leading practitioners over the past few years to bring safe dance practice and considerations of dancers health and wellbeing to hip hop styles. This ranges from workshops included in the UK’s biggest hip hop dance theatre festival ‘Breakin’ Convention’, to research being undertaken, and connecting practitioners to artists.

Healthcare practitioners with a wealth of experience treating hip hop dancers will then give a series of presentations to help delegates understand specific injury trends and rehabilitation strategies for these artists. Dr Roger Wolman and Caroline Jubb, who run the NIDMS NHS Dance Injury Clinic and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, will present an overview of over 80 hip hop and street dancers treated in the clinic in its first five years. Mark Archer, Physiotherapist, will then delve into a clinical case study presentation.

Although the majority of research in dance medicine and science is still focused on ballet and contemporary dance, researchers in the UK are conducting some exciting and ground-breaking research with hip hop dancers. Research presentations will be given by Nefeli Tsiouti, Founder of Project Breakalign and Dancer/BGirl, Professor Matthew Wyon, Professor in Dance Science at the University of Wolverhampton and member of One Dance UK’s Dance Medicine and Science Expert Panel, Dr Keir Philip, General Medical Junior Doctor and Dancer/ BBoy, and Sonja Cimelli, Podiatrist and MSc Sport and Exericse Rehabilitation Student. These presentations will explore topics such as, physiological demands of these dance styles, hip hop culture and athleticism, and using hip hop to contribute to holistic approaches to health.

This section of the conference will conclude with a networking session and activities to encourage collaboration and new ideas for future research and healthcare approaches chaired by NIDMS Manager, Claire Farmer.

Closing Plenary
We will finish the conference by all coming back together and summarising the day. Finally, it wouldn’t be a dance conference without a performance and we are delighted that the UEL Dance Collective will be finishing off our conference day by performing ‘Unite Enlighten Love’ choreographed by Kenrick Sandy of Boy Blue Entertainment.


Well you made it to the end of this post and we hope you are now as excited about this conference programme as we are! Stay tuned for further updates to this programme, such as the keynote speaker announcement, view the summary programme here and book your tickets today!

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© 2014 Kien Quan Photography (NY, USA). Dancer: Nefeli Tsiouti.
Workshop leader and presenter.