Performance Optimisation Packages (POP) testimonials

27 Jan 2021

Hear from members about their experience of our Performance Optimisation Packages (POP), and hear from experts as they discuss the benefits of the Health Cash Plan, and the musculoskeletal screening…


“I loved my taster screening session! It was all new to me, the physio/the screen test so I was very excited to take part. I discovered habits of my body that I didn’t know I had. The staff were very helpful in breaking down the science of my body and what I can do to get rid of my bad habits to optimise my performance. I received tips of how I can tweak my training to make sure I am really pushing myself and I really appreciated that. All in all, it was a fun session and lots of insightful information was shared. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering to try out this taster session to DO IT!”. – Wolverhampton attendee  

“As a slightly more mature dance artist at forty something, I felt supported, I was heard, and my needs were completely met. I learnt invaluable things about my body and health that blew my mind! On the back of this, I look forward to seeking further guidance and care through one of the POP Packages. I just have to choose which one suits my needs. And aside from One Dance UK, I now feel confident that I could reach out to each organisation involved, for support. Thank you for an inspiring and informative session”. – Wolverhampton attendee  

“The taster screening day was a great and informative experience. Starting by the team welcoming everyone, setting a very professionalrelaxed and friendly ambience during the whole time. The feedback at the end was very useful, the result of my screening was often confirming and also revealing new things of what is happening in my body. Not judgemental, very professional all the time, it made me feel comfortable to ask all the questions I had”. – Trinity Laban (April) attendee 
“I thoroughly enjoyed the POP taster day at Laban. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it felt like a safe place to ask questions and even meet new people. I learnt some valuable insights from the screening that I wouldn’t have known have I not come, which will enable me to better the way I train in the future and ensure I am more mindful of injury prevention. I thoroughly recommend attending”. – Trinity Laban (April) attendee 
“I really enjoyed my day at the POP Taster Screening. It was very welcoming, informative but relaxed and warm atmosphere. I enjoyed learning about the difference organisation involved and the support that is on offer. It was very useful for me to undergo the tests and understand where my is at as a professional dance artist”. – Trinity Laban (April) attendee  

“I had an amazing experience at the POP Taster Screening Day. I really enjoyed coming to see the dance science facilities at Trinity Laban, and hearing all about the work of Trinity Laban, One Dance UK and NIDMS. The best thing was to be able to undertake some of the screening tests, and to get feedback about them. These are really helpful in understanding some of my current physical capabilities in the context of my dance practice. Now that I’ve given some of these a try and seen what the screening programmes entail, I’m really keen to book onto a full Performance Optimisation Package because I’m sure that the highly personalised information could really benefit my dancing and help me to get the next level”. – Trinity Laban (November) attendee  

“I was impressed by the individual attention I was given and the amount of detailed feedback that I received”. – Trinity Laban (November) attendee 

Attending the two full-on testing days which are offered as part of the POP Screening Package has been one of the most memorable experiences in my moving life. I will never forget not only the most welcoming team of experts guiding me through the novelty of scientific physical testing, but more than anything the thrill and excitement of being wired up as a “running alien-lookalike” (for the serious sake of studying my overall movement health, strength and efficiency that is!) and the incredible insights, stats and invaluable information which came from this. Having only ever made dancing and fascia-based training the foundation of my physical job as a professional dancer, movement coach and bodyworker, I was nervous getting into a science lab and what this might entail. But finding out that being measured in facts turned out to be such joy, pointing out any weaknesses that needed addressing, but also for it to actually provide much-needed proof of how well my daily movement training had been maintaining my transitioned-dance-body over the maturing years thus far. I can only most highly recommend you grab this opportunity of signing up for the POP Screening Package- whether you are at the beginning or the end of your career or indeed anywhere in between or beyond- you’ll find such value in this testing and support programme on offer here. Go for it- so that you too can keep dancing like there is no tomorrow

Frances Collier
Dancer and Movement Coach, founder of Bodylistics

The screening was incredibly insightful, and it was a true pleasure to work with such an engaging and professional team. It’s really wonderful to know that there is research devoted to finding each individual dancer’s weaknesses, and then creating the clearest or easiest way to turn them into strengths. I feel a lot more confident for the near future, and what it might hold for my career, now that I understand a lot better how my own body functions with the increasing physical demands of Ballet. Thank you all so much. It’s been an invaluable experience.
Anonymous Elite POP screening attendee

POP experts/partners:  

NIDMS partners undertook research looking at the impact of screening in dance – such as the POP screening- as part of an injury prevention strategy. The results showed that when combined with a specifically designed conditioning programme, we saw a significant reduction of injuries. Given that injury can be one of the challenges to a dancers performance, screening [ES1] can be an important step forward to enhancing performance capacity“.  

Nick Allen
Clinical Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet Company, Jerwood Centre


 POP gives us the opportunity of supporting dancers’ to achieve their goals and potential by providing them with individualised training and rehabilitation programmes based on the comprehensive POP screen. It also provides us with new data so that we are continually improving our knowledge. This is the exciting side of working with dancers when you are helping them along their journey. It is always great to see them year on year and help them monitor their progress and fine-tune their training“. 

Professor Matthew Wyon
Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Dance Science – University of Wolverhampton


“I’ve been involved in developing POP from the outset with colleagues at the other centres and One Dance UK. POP is about providing relevant, individualised and evidence-based information to dancers so that they can feel empowered and knowledgeable regarding their own development as artist-athletes. It has always been important that POP addresses the current needs of dancers no matter what style of dance they practice or what their previous experience might be. This is why we are constantly reviewing and improving the methods we use to profile/screen dancers at each centre. While the screening will help dancers learn what their current physiological capacities are and how best to improve these, the cash plan ensures that if an injury is sustained, affordable and immediate treatment can be sought”.

Professor Emma Redding
Head of Dance Science – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

What role do you play in delivering POP and working with POP members?

My role in delivering POP at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is multi-functional. I am responsible for organising the logistics on site and bringing the team members together which includes the Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach. My main role is to administer all testing procedures within the lab and work alongside the dancer to ensure they are performing optimally. Delivering feedback to the dancers based on their testing results and specific needs is another important role which I have the pleasure in doing.

What, in your words is POP all about?

From my experience, POP goes beyond the scope of testing procedures and scores. I personally view POP as an educational workshop for the dancer where they learn more about their bodies and how to optimise them for performance and recovery. Effectively, we aim to provide the necessary tools for each individual dancer which they can store in their toolbox for future training.

In your experience, what are some of the possible benefits of POP, or what a dancer might expect to be able to gain from having a cash plan/screening?

Benefits of undertaking a POP screen will be specific to each dancer. From my experience, dancers in the past have benefited from:

  • A better understanding of biomechanical and physiological principles associated with training and recovery.
  • The impact of nutrition on training and recovery.
  • Undertaking rehab/prehab exercises to prevent injury.
  • The experience of being tested within the lab.

Do you have any words of advice for people who might be interested in taking-up a POP package?

Although the ‘Elite Package’ has a greater price tag attached to the cost, I personally believe it provides greater value for money compared to the intermediate package.


Scott Sinclair
Laboratory Technician & Exercise Physiology Lecturer
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance


What role do you play in delivering POP and working with POP members?

As a physiotherapist at Trinity Laban, my role in delivering POP involves taking POP members through a one-to-one musculoskeletal screening which enables them to learn more about their body. Screening provides dancers with an evaluation of their injury history to date and an investigation of potential predicators for future injury. Physical examination includes an analysis of posture and movement and an assessment of joint range of motion, muscle tightness, muscle weakness and muscle imbalances.

What, in your words is POP all about?

Dancers are artistic athletes and therefore require the help of specialist services to maintain and achieve high level performance. POP provides a dancer with the expert support needed to maximise their health, fitness and well being so that they are able to perform at their very best.

In your experience, what are some of the possible benefits of POP, or what a dancer might expect to be able to gain from having a cash plan/screening?

Screening is conducted by qualified professionals in the field of dance medicine and science. This means that Intermediate and Elite POP members are provided with specialist information and advice about their musculoskeletal health and fitness. This helps dancers to better understand their body and how to manage their health and fitness to optimise their performance.

Based on the information gathered from the screening assessment, Dancers with the Elite Package will benefit from receiving an individualised, therapeutic exercise programme that is aimed at preventing injury and enhancing performance.

Colette Stanton
Dance Specialist Physiotherapist
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance