Overture with New Adventures

As a dance teacher, my daily practice is consumed by what I can do to enrich the lives of young people, by providing them a platform for expression and a movement language that teaches them about the power and wealth of opportunity Dance provides to our society. This is a mantra that the Overture programme has strengthened in my practice. Overture is an exceptional professional development opportunity for emerging dance artists and dance teachers working in communities across England, which recently I was accepted onto. It is led by New Adventures Resident Artist, Kerry Biggin and freelance artist Tom Hobden, who both have provided the most fulfilling experience so far, and we thankfully have much more to come. Overture was an opportunity that I could not pass, a chance to network with other passionate and likeminded individuals, who all advocate for dance as a part of our identity as humans. Throughout these sessions, I have been able to explore two of the New Adventures values – Adventure and Family – with the programme offering a range of workshops that have allowed me to reflect deeply on my practice as a dance teacher, and how I will continue to grow my dreams and aspirations, as one of many supported in the programme. No dream is too big, with an eye-opening experience to dare and take opportunities to share your values with the dance community, with the support of others. Originally a face to face opportunity at Farnham Maltings in weekend residentials, I am amazed by the connectivity the group have formed, as Zoom has no barriers thanks to the programme designed by Kerry, Tom, and guest speakers.

Overture has given me the motivation and courage to take control of my own aspirations and start discussing where I could be in the next five years. Already, I see so many changes in myself as an artist, teacher and individual, discovering my values as a teacher and taking leaps of positive risks that will enrich my career. As a teacher, it is difficult to find time to network with others, and the structure of this programme has allowed me to have an invaluable opportunity to do this. The programme is designed for dance artists all the way to dance teachers, providing professional development and an invaluable opportunity to network with passionate individuals, who with our daily practice, we may not cross paths with. Originally, I applied to Overture, as I was struggling to secure employment as a dance teacher and was losing hope. Overture gave me hope for employment prospects in the daunting world we know now, and I managed to secure employment leading my own dance department and continuing to take the leaps of faith to develop my career. It is one of the most enriching experiences and I am thankful to be a part of a programme rooted in providing support that is centred around the cohort’s development and aspirations. I would encourage any dance teacher/community artist who wants to join a journey a personal development, to consider applying next year, for an opportunity to dig deep into your own beliefs and values in your contribution to the arts.


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