One Dance UK have relocated to Birmingham!

18 Nov 2019

Callum Findlay-White, Birmingham Royal Ballet at Snow Hill © Dani Bower Photography

One Dance UK has relocated to Birmingham! We are continuing our important work supporting all those working in the sector to achieve excellence in dance performance, education and management, but now from our new home at the brand new Dance Hub building in Birmingham City Centre. Just as we did before, we will continue our work across the sector on a wide-range of topics including advocacy, education and improving awareness around dancers’ health and well-being. It’s been a big move for the company, but a brilliant one, and we’re incredibly excited about the future in our new home.

As a celebration of our move and of all the amazing talent here, we teamed up with dancers from local companies, to hit up some of the best local landmarks, including the legendary Jewellery Quarter, the Canals, the Library, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Snow Hill Station, St Paul’s Cathedral and more. We are excited to discover everything Birmingham has to offer and for the future of dance in the region and beyond.

See the below gallery for more images!

A special thank you to all the dancers that took part!

Header image: Callum Findlay-White at Snow Hill, Birmingham Royal Ballet.
Image 2: Aishani Ghosh at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Sampad Arts
Image 3: Rebecca Fowler, Freewheelin
Image 4: Tamar Dixon
Image 5: Chloe Derry and Jack Smith, The Swing Era
Image 6: ‘Fidget’ Lauren Haywood
Image 7: Karenza Doughty, Chantry School
Image 8: Tiah Parsan at Dance Hub
Image 9: Callum Findlay-White, Birmingham Royal Ballet
Image 10: Anjolie Toon and Shintastic
Image 11: Thomas Harden and Karenza Doughty, Birmingham Library
Image 12: Callum Findlay-White, Birmingham Royal Ballet.
Image 13: Tanya Louise Rose and James Hickman
Photographer: Dani Bower Photography

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