Featured Choreographer: May 2019

15 May 2019

Featured Choreographer of the month: Dr. Adesola Akinleye


What motivates you to pursue a career in choreography?

I enjoy creating stories and experiences in movement. For me Choreography is humanity + body

Can you share with us some highlights of your choreographic career and/or your current engagements?

I just completed a 18-date tour of my two most recent work for young audiences – ‘Light Steps’ and ‘Found’. ‘Light Steps’ and ‘Found’ were performed in theatres, schools, libraries and community centres across Southern England. I really enjoyed bringing dance to the range of audiences all those different types of venue engage with.

 How has your choreographic process and work developed over time?

I have taken care to be reflective and observant of my process. When I first started choreographing, I had a number of stories I wanted to tell. Then I spent some years focusing choreographically on the spaces I created between the dancers’ bodies and this period involved me working on only small casts (duets and trios). I then spent some years working with larger cast and also looking at how film and projection could become another ‘dancer’ in the choreography. Currently, I am looking at how the dancers/performers training and dance aesthetic and my own understanding of the moving body can work be acknowledged within the movement created. How this partnership of knowledge can inform an emergence of a unique movement quality and language for each group of dancers I work with.

What do you think are some of the main challenges choreographers are faced with today?

I think funding is a major challenge. Of course, as female choreographer there are also some added obstacles in that the mainstream aesthetic is often informed by a male voice.

 What advice would you give to emerging choreographers?

I would say to emerging choreographers, allow yourself to have a ‘process’: acknowledge you have up and downs in your creative energy.  Give yourself time and trust in the process that emerges as your creative expression

What kind of work are you currently interested in pursuing?

On a Fellowship Choreographic Residency project called ‘Choreographing the City’. The project involves me working with architects and engineers to create works that speak to the city and the urban experience.