One Dance UK Awards Ceremony 2022

The One Dance UK Awards are an annual celebration for people from across the dance sector to unite, celebrate, acknowledge and reward the people who have made an impact on the vibrant UK dance landscape! Championing the excellent work of dance artists, teachers, practitioners, educators, schools, choreographers, companies, venues, scientists, and writers, this is a glittering evening of celebrations, all for those who contribute to the dance sector throughout the UK.


It’s time to shine a light on the people that work hard to keep everyone in dance moving.

Nominations for the One Dance UK Awards 2022 are now OPEN! It’s time to say thank you, and celebrate the people who make a difference. Whether you want to celebrate an innovator shining a light on new ways of working, a teacher who has kept you on your toes, an advocate that has made their passion for dance known, or anyone else working in or on behalf of the UK dance sector, this is your chance.

And that’s not all – this year we’re excited to be back in person with a live ceremony and glittering party to celebrate! So get your thinking caps on and then get your dancing shoes ready because nominations are open and it’s time to #CelebrateTheSector with the #ONEDANCEUKAWARDS22

Click the images below to find out more about this year’s category and to nominate.

Please note: The deadline for making a nomination is 23:59 on Friday 12 August 2022

Young People’s Dance Champion Award

This award is for all individual dance educators who are championing dance in the lives of young people, regardless of style, genre or setting.

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This is anybody who is an educator working with children or young people from pre-school through to higher education, whether in or outside formal educational settings. They will be providing quality tuition and guidance, instilling a culture and love of dance, and having a positive impact on those they work with.

For example, this could be:

  • A freelance dance artist working with primary age children
  • A lecturer at university, college or conservatoire
  • A private dance teacher offering accredited training to young people
  • A teacher in a secondary school dance department


Community Champion Award

This award is for any person or organisation who is using dance as a tool to create, strengthen and/or build communities with non-professional groups in any setting and with any age group.

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They will be passing on a passion for, and enjoyment of dance – bringing its benefits directly into communities, whilst showing that dance is for anyone and everyone.

For example, this could be someone who is:
• Providing a range of community classes
• Providing programmes aimed at getting young people into dance
• Providing opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities to take part in and see dance


Science and Research in Dance Award 

This award is for research relating to dance that is pushing the art form forward with scientific enquiry.

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This research will use scientific methodologies, whether in applied practice or in laboratory settings. It will be impacting how dance is created, seen, taught and understood, and will be helping influence the future of the dance industry.

This may be:
• Dance practitioners investigating through practice led research
• Individuals or teams of academics and/or researchers investigating dance practice
• Organisations researching the impact of their outreach activities
• Student research projects at postgraduate level
• For work in areas including creative practice, physiology, biomechanics, mental health, social justice, pedagogy, dance history, etc.


Health & Wellbeing in Dance Award

This award is for any person, team or organisation whose work has had a transformational impact on the wellbeing of people who dance.

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Their work will have contributed to improve the physical and/or psychological wellbeing of dancers, communities, patients, etc. The award will be given out by judges who will evaluate the subjective stories and experiences of those impacted.

For example, this may be:
• A counsellor who has supported a dancer who has experienced trauma
• A dance artist who supports a person with Parkinson’s to move and live at their best
• A healthcare practitioner who has supported a dancer through what could have been a career ending injury
• A somatic practitioner who helps build awareness of a dancer’s embodied knowledge to support artistic intention and technique
• An organisation or team that has supported a dancer through a challenging transition


Artistic Innovation in Dance Award

This award is to recognise innovation in the artistic elements of dance, and how they can unlock new ways of storytelling, exploring themes, and challenging how we think.

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This can be for any artistic work regardless of genre, location, setting, resources or scale. Innovation is not limited and happens throughout the sector in countless ways every day.

This might be for innovation in:
• Choreography
• Stage design
• Costume
• Music
• Content (i.e. new ways of telling stories)
• Questioning norms (i.e. in casting, or in use of traditional dance styles).


The Bob Lockyer Award for Digital Innovation in Dance

The award showcases work that takes technology and digital and uses it to innovate how we see, experience, understand and use dance.

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For example, this could be for work in:
• Film
• Photography
• Live and digital performance
• Marketing
• Dance science
• Dancers’ healthcare
• Work in inclusion and diversity
• Education


The Dance Spotlight Award

This award is a chance to shine a light on those whose work is vital to the production and support of dance, but who are often unrecognised for their invaluable work.

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Bringing those back of house to front of house, these individuals and teams work tirelessly to help make dance happen, making it possible for people to see, engage with and work within dance.

Examples include (but are by no means limited to):
• Producers
• Programmers
• Venues or venue teams
• Admin teams
• School & community leaders
• Fundraisers
• Facilitators


Dance Changemaker Award

This award recognises bold, brave and impactful work that has driven progress in our sector, improving access to dance for all, and championing diversity and inclusion.

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This could be for a person, team, organisation, campaign or movement. They may be taking risks to challenge norms, or using dance as a tool to drive positive change, and will be able to clearly demonstrate the impact they’ve had.

For example, this could be for:
• Campaigns championing increased opportunities for those in the global majority
• Educators or leaders striving to make the case for dance in education
• Networks of freelancers fighting for fair pay and quality contracts
• Movements that aim to provide dance in geographically isolated communities
• Organisations creating work that starts difficult but necessary conversations
• Organisations providing support for and showcasing work from marginalised groups, such as trans people or migrants
• A dance venue that regularly considers and adapts to the needs of those who join their space


The Green Dance Award

This award celebrates any form of work that uses dance as a tool to spotlight and respond to the environment & climate issues.

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This could be a specific project or person whose work has helped raise awareness, changed industry behaviours or responded artistically to environmental issues. Work can be in any genre, scale, location or remit within dance.

This may be for:
• Performance work made in response to climate issues
• Research into the impacts of dance on the climate
• Campaigns to encourage sustainable touring
• Outdoor work that brings focus to visible examples of climate change
• Projects made to educate people about changing landscapes

Disclaimer: this award is not an accreditation of being “green” – we should all be striving to be as environmentally conscious in our work as possible.


The People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award recognises an individual or organisation who has made a significant contribution to the dance industry throughout the last year, and is decided by you!

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Whatever their area of work, be that as a dancer, choreographer, advocate, educator or beyond, this individual will have helped to raise the profile of dance amongst the general public.
The shortlist and recipient of this award will be decided by you via a public vote once nominations close. This will determine the final shortlist of three and the overall recipient for this category.


The Jane Attenborough Award

The Jane Attenborough Award honours an individual working in dance who has made an outstanding contribution to the artform throughout their career.

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An award that is 20 years in the making this year and named in memory of the founding Director of Dance UK (later becoming One Dance UK), this award aims to highlight the important, but often unacknowledged, contributions made by exceptional individuals who make a real difference to how dance is created, supported, and seen.

Previous recipients include: Maggie Morris, Dr Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Dr Roger Wolman, Jacky Lansley, Mary Brennan, Brenda Last, Tamara McLorg, Frank Doran, Amanda Chinn, and Jeanette Siddall CBE.

In order to be eligible, this person must:

  • Be currently based and have worked primarily within in the UK
  • Must have worked in the industry for over 25 years
  • Have made a clear, demonstrable impact on their individual area of the dance sector, or on the sector as a whole
  • Must not be a previous recipient of this specific award.


See full One Dance UK Awards Terms and Conditions here.