On A Mission: There’s a new dance podcast!

Tamar Dixon is a community dance practitioner, educator, arts administrator, blogger, and founder of Unique Movez Dance Collective. She is also One Dance UK’s administrator for Dance of the African Diaspora. Tamar graduated with a BA (Hons) Professional Dance Development from Buckinghamshire New University in 2014.

Tamar is currently producing a new podcast called INSiGHTZ, as a tool to engage and develop herself and other dancers during lockdown and beyond. INSiGHTZ is an digital platform to vocalise dance and act as an online archive, as well as advocating the dancer’s voice and vision. All achieved through sharing journeys, personal stories, experiences, and topical debates about the world of dance.

INSiGHTZ began as a series of blog posts in 2018 featuring a vast range of interviews with UK based dance professionals across different genres and artistic disciplines – from choreographers, producers, students to multifaceted artists – who were all keen to share their dance story.

The idea for INSiGHTZ podcast was sparked by cultural exchange trip to Jamaica (JA) in 2019. Being such a wanderlust individual, Tamar could not help but become fully immersed in the art & culture of JA. Tamar went to JA to develop her skills in community engagement, where she volunteered her time as a coordinator at outdoor art festivals in Kingston. It was such an uplifting trip that changed Tamer’s world and outlook on the arts. Little did she know, Tamar would leave JA with a wealth of rich knowledge and real-life stories directly from the people, all stored on her phone as audio files. The information was all too good to keep to herself, so she decided to dive in and enter the podcast world (something she is still learning more about). Tamar wanted to take her dance career and blogging to the next level. To give other dancers and the wider community a chance to learn more about our creative process. To learn about dancers’ trials and tribulations, and in this instance, about different cultural dance forms. She has learned that networking goes a long way.

This new INSiGHTZ podcast series explores Jamaica’s dance, culture, and identity, from a global perspective. With the aim to inspire and educate its listeners – whether you’re a dancer or not. What is so unique about this series is that it also touches on the black dancer’s experience and institutionalised racism.

Tamar released thte first epsiode of INSiGHTZ podcast online in May 2020 and already she has already been listed in the Black British podcast’s directory. She comments that she is grateful because it gives her the motivation to produce more insightful conversations about dance. So yes there will be more coming soon… Watch this space!

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