NEWS: Paul Hamlyn Foundation have started accepting applications for Round 3 of their Teacher Development

3 Oct 2019

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is accepting applications for Round 3 of their Teacher Development Fund (TDF). The funding, which has been available since 2016, aims to promote and support partnerships between primary schools and arts/cultural organisations. This underlines the Foundation’s key belief that the arts play a vital role in young people’s learning

Over the last two years the funding has been used to enrich the practice of over 300 teachers in 100 schools, supporting pupil progress and enabling practitioners to become more reflective and adaptable amongst other areas of focus. TDF projects provide opportunities for local artists and organisations to establish relationships with schools and teaching staff, which in turn allows the development of each child’s cultural capital as they engage with a curriculum that is relevant and meaningful, in line with the latest Ofsted framework.

The website states;

This Autumn the priorities and approaches at the heart of the TDF have particular relevance. The last year has seen an increased emphasis on curriculum design and implementation, particularly in England where Ofsted has published a new inspection framework and in Wales as colleagues prepare for a new curriculum from 2022. In parallel pupils’ entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes the arts and the importance of creativity in education have also been a focus for debate.

The TDF speaks directly to the interests of primary schools around curriculum in each of the four nations. Evidence from our work points to the need for curriculum design and implementation to be underpinned by a relentless and rigorous commitment to high quality and effective Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL) for school leaders, subject leaders and classroom teachers alike in order that schools can articulate thoughtful choices about curriculum content, informed judgments about pedagogy and ensure teachers have secure subject knowledge.

Applications close on 29 November and more information is available on the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website.