New dance this May with Serendipity

12 Mar 2018

Mac Daniel V. Palima. Image: David Wilson Clarke


Wednesday 9 May


Curve Leicester


Signatures, a collaboration between Serendipity and Dance4, is a platform that provides opportunities to nurture and support undiscovered talent.

The platform works with emerging dancers and choreographers based locally, nationally and internationally, enabling them to realise their creative potential. Signatures will showcase several excerpts of work in development; thought-provoking, explorative and always innovative, this is a unique opportunity to see rising stars in the dance sector.


Paige-Brooklyn Kennedy (UK)

Affect is an exploration throughout the body, of how one thing can affect another and create a ripple-like pattern, both within the body but also in the spatial patterns. Paige-Brooklyn Kennedy is a final year dance student at De Montfort University.

Exterminating Kings

Kamali Hill (USA)

Exterminating Kings investigates the dehumanisation and emasculation of Black men, due to mass incarceration in the United States prison system. It juxtaposes hip-hop and krumping with post-modern movement to create new aesthetics.

The Sound of Dance

Khs One (UK)

David Layne and Joshua Scott explore Rudolf Laban’s research into space and choreutics in relation to sound and rhythm, utilising the body and space to create percussive sounds that can be noted and translated to percussive instruments.

The Fly

Misato Shimizu (Japan/UK)

The Fly is an autobiographical solo that explores life in a different country and culture. The work explores the need to express oneself, whilst often being confined to being a fly on the wall, and the powerless that one might feel worrying that opinions are lost in translation.

The Fragility on Power

Harriet Dawson (UK)

The Fragility of Power, questions whether an intense onset of strength and power can reveal fragility and risk. Developing a strong relationship between the movement and musical dynamics. Can anything powerful ever grow without insecurity?

Twins and The Misfit

Project 44 (USA)

Choreographer Gierre Godley and his company, Project 44, present a story of truth and reflection. Inspired by poet Gil Scott-Heron, this work looks at the mis-identification of brown bodies and the richest 1%, playfully exploring how we can get caught up and sometimes forget who we are.


Jason Mabana and Panos Malactos (Belgium/ Philippines/ Cyprus/ UK)

Drawing on their own connection to their mothers, MAMA is a personal work exploring how mothers’ lives affect their children’s lives and vice versa, and the spiritual and physical guidance that mothers offer to their children.

Urban Jazz Dance Company

Antoine Hunter and Zahna Simon

Thursday 10 May




Presenting a mixed bill of work exploring identity, spirituality and communication, Urban Jazz Dance Company will leave you mesmerised by their interweaving of American sign language and innovative dance. The Company raises awareness around Deaf issues via the performing arts and syncopation of urban jazz rhythms.

The Company, featuring Deaf and hearing dancers, is led by award-winning African-American Deaf choreographer, Antoine Hunter, who has been featured in DeafLife Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine and has been featured on CCN’s The Great Big Story. Antoine will be joined by Zahna Simon, the company’s assistant director, together they are the driving force behind Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival.


Ella Mesma and Mac Daniel V. Palima

Thursday 10 May




Autograph is a platform which supports emerging dance artists as they progress in their careers and create new work. With the support of Serendipity and Dance4, Ella Mesma and Mac Daniel V. Palima have spent the last year developing two new innovative pieces of dance, both exploring identity.

Ella Mesma’s work Papillion is inspired by the four stages of transformation in the lifecycle of the butterfly and its representation of transformation, renewal and life. Ella explores her own diverse heritage and experiences to question identity and privilege.

Mac Daniel V. Palima’s Sekseneutraal is a work which questions the code of gender in movement. Is there a masculine or feminine way of moving? Or is there a bridge in between both genders? The piece reflects on vulnerability in contrast to the physical strength.

All three shows will be performed at:

The Curve

Rutland Street



T: 0116 242 3595


Ticket Bundle available Thursday 10 May: Both shows £20 (Urban Jazz Dance Company+ Autograph)

Find out more on the Serendipity website.