New dance challenge from ISTD set to inspire dance teachers worldwide

2 Mar 2021

Can you plié in the kitchen? Or have you tried breakdancing in the garden? Get creative with the Inspirational Spaces to Dance challenge and put your skills to the test.

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing have launched an innovative global dance challenge to inspire dance teachers and their students worldwide. Developed to provide much needed inspiration whist in lockdown, the virtual challenge is set to provide students with opportunities to share their love of dance, demonstrate their creativity and work towards achievable performance goals whilst dancing from their own environments.

Designed to take place in everyday settings, the #ISTDChallenge places focus on our everyday surroundings and celebrates the resilience and dedication of dancers and dance teachers who have persevered with their training and teaching whilst in lockdown. The challenge invites soloists, partners, trios and/or quartets, in any style or genre to share their favourite spaces to dance in a 3-part challenge.

How to get involved?

The challenge has been divided into three tasks which will be released in intervals throughout 2021. The first is to find an inspiring space to ‘dance Inside’ such as the Kitchen/ bathroom or living space. Now that we are used to spending our time indoors, where better to dance than at home?

As we slowly come out of lockdown and into spring, task B gets dancers moving in an outside space of their choosing and asks them to ‘dance outside’ in a public space such as a car park, playground, or shopping centre while the final task challenges dancers to test their creativity by ‘dancing with a prop’ in an inside or outside space. Applicants must enter all three tasks to successfully complete the challenge.

Selected entrants will go on to receive a limited-edition Inspirational Spaces to Dance Challenge badge and have their performance considered for a public screening by the Society. The challenge is currently open to members of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing but will be made available to all budding dancers worldwide, this spring.

“Dance is a great way to keep both physically and mentally fit and well.  And it’s a perfect activity to do during lockdown as you don’t need specialist equipment, or lots of space.”
Ginny Brown, Chief Executive, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Find out more about the challenge here: