New campaign to promote mental wellbeing for dancers

19 Oct 2020

One Dance UK have teamed up with independent director, filmmaker and photographer Rick Guest and his collaborators dancer James Pett and BAFTA award winning designer Kate Dawkins to debut his new film ‘Invisible Threads Part 1’, part of a new program which aims to promote mental wellbeing amongst the dance sector.

The screening of the film on World Mental Health Day kickstarted a new series of digital events from One Dance UK and Rick Guest to develop and further explore the conversation around mental health through his images and film content.

Erin Sanchez, Manager of Health, Wellbeing, and Performance at One Dance UK says:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Rick, Kate and James to bring attention to the importance of mental health in dance. Each person’s mental health experiences will be different and we hope that by showcasing different ways to share and engage with these experiences, we will encourage more people express themselves. These conversations don’t just belong on one day – prioritising and highlighting mental health should always be of importance. As the sector-support organisation for dance, we’re committed to doing our part to keep the conversation going.”

Rick Guest added:

“I’m so grateful to the amazing team at One Dance UK for both raising awareness for this incredibly important issue within the creative arts and for supporting the many ways in which we can express what we’re going through, and hopefully, through that work, help others acknowledge their situation and understand that they are not alone and that there is a way through.”

The film which premiered on the One Dance UK Facebook page on World Mental Health day features dancer James Pett, who at the time was dancing with Studio Wayne McGregor, and explores the conflicting emotions of desire and fear, the subconscious need to be heard and the quest for self-expression, poignantly mirroring this turbulent time of enforced isolation and its impact on the creative mind and spirit.  The film is still available on demand via this platform.


People wanting to learn more about ‘Invisible Threads Part 1’ will also be able to talk to the makers of the film and discuss the creative process and the meaning behind the visuals in an exclusive live Q&A on Tuesday 27 October at 7pm
Registration is encouraged.