New Adventure’s ‘Spring Forward’ Grant supports the creation of new work

12 Feb 2021

Image credit: Seren Williams Photography

Cameron Flynn, a 22 year old company member with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures and aspiring director and choreographer, was one of the recipients of the New Adventure’s ‘Spring Forward’ Grant. He has recently released a new dance film entitled ‘UNSKILLED’.  His aim for this piece was to echo the feelings of those who have had to fight to be heard and be respected as artists and performers. To fight back at those who deem the industry invisible and unviable. It was also important for him to celebrate not just the dancers but the videographer, lighting designers, costume, lighting providers and venue management. All who, along with many other roles, play a huge part in the magic that is theatre.

He explains what inspired him to create this piece: “In this piece I wanted to convey a world where dance, performance and theatre ceased to exist, the world we are currently experiencing, yet all around were individuals trying to fit uncomfortably into other jobs. Their skills lying invisible and dreams to perform burning within them. There are many parallels with this and the lives of myself and so many of my peers. We are currently working in roles simply to get by whilst the whole cultural industry remains largely closed. We’re all out there with our hard-earned skills in the shadows, and I couldn’t bear to let the public view us in this way. We trained, we worked, we fought for what we love and ‘UNSKILLED’ allows us to be seen and heard for who we are.”

Cameron goes on, “3 months of hard work and a lot of learning curves has brought me to this piece which I am so proud to share. A piece that I hope sparks its audiences with a passion for the arts and recognition that we are so special and so very skilled.

You can watch the full film here: