Move Beyond Words host a Summer Dance Intensive

20 Jun 2022

Move Beyond Words is holding a one-day experience in London this August designed to assist people to learn new ways of coping with audition anxiety and the many other stresses created by a career in dance.

The Move Beyond Words ‘Summer Dance Intensive’ is designed to give people practical tools to help them overcome common obstacles and move forward with confidence.

Leading dance professionals will share reflective and wellbeing practices, talk about how they deal with problems, and be available to answer any questions.

The day is open to dance artists, choreographers, movement directors, company dancers, freelance dancers and anyone seeking a career in dance.

Move Beyond Words is a community interest company that helps people with dyslexia to build a successful career in the dance world, but the ‘Summer Dance Intensive’ is open to everyone working in dance or looking for a way in.

Participants will come away with:

  • a better understanding of how they learn best
  • answers to their big questions from established dance professionals who’ve worked with leading international companies
  • practical tools to help them look after their wellbeing
  • new friends and industry connections

Choreographer and Creative Director, Elizabeth Arifien, the co-founder of Move Beyond Words, says: “A career in dance can be highly stressful. It’s really helpful to have a toolkit for dealing with that stress, and to learn from others about how they’ve coped with similar situations.We’ve created this day so people can share practical tips and learn from each other. I think everyone can benefit from some time and space to reflect and refocus.”

Choreographer and Move Beyond Words podcast guest Corey Baker says: “I often think, my gosh this is such a challenging thing for the human race to go through, an audition. It’s such an intense unnatural experience but so fundamental to our careers and so fundamental to our dancing lives. Auditions can be quite overwhelming if you’ve got ADHD, dyslexia or any other
challenge. Allowing people time to familiarise themselves in the space and find an inward balance is key.


Saturday, August 6 2022.
Siobhan Davies Studios, St George’s Rd, London SE1 6ER. 10:00 – 17:00.
£50.00 per person and sign up here via eventbrite.