More than a dance craze: Litefeet

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Litefeet, sometimes referred to as ‘getting lite’, is a street dance style developed directly from hip hop music & hip hop party dances such as the Chicken Noodle Soup, the Aunt Jackie and the Tone Wop. From the early 2000’s to present, this dance has developed into its own unique style full of its own vocabulary, phrasing and organisations. In recent years it has boomed to become the most viral dance style in the world.

Kieran Warner is a big part of the UK movement in Litefeet. He teaches all ages from toddlers to adults however, since Litefeet is viral, the popularity of it seems to draw in teenagers mostly who regularly see the style on social media. Kieran does not have a regular weekly class at a studio, instead he is travelling up and down the country as well as internationally teaching workshops in the Litefeet style. His regulars include Synergy Dance Collective in Swansea, Take 1 in Nottingham and MAD Dance Studios in Glasgow.

Within hip hop, social media is a scary yet amazing tool. For Kieran it is how he connects with the Litefeet community and it also connects a lot of the youth. Especially now the European scene is building, dancers in the US are seeing more from the UK and vice versa.

Through Kieran’s organisation, Litefest, he also brings the pioneers of the Litefeet dance style to Europe, these people are his teachers and with them coming to Europe helps keep both Kieran on his toes and push the scene further, dancers such as;
Chrybaby Cozie
Richie Rich
Ki Nen

Kieran comments how he feels urban dance is very important for young people because it’s a dance form which is open to anybody from any background. He feels that classical dance styles tend to fit young people from wealthier backgrounds who can afford weekly classes, training clothes, exams etc. Whereas urban dance styles are more accessible, and people can get into it at any age. For example, when Kieran was 16 he started dancing, if he had been pursuing another dance style he felt that it would have been near impossible for him to succeed due to the views of some styles in the industry. And now within 10 years he has worked within urban dance all across Europe, in the US and China with a whole lot of new countries to tick off the list for 2019.

Kieran added: “Another important part of urban dance for the youth is that the principles of hip hop culture are: peace, love, unity and having fun. This leads the urban dance scene to be accepting of everybody. Hip Hop events across the world are full of people of every race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, abled, disabled… And for some young people, this may be one of the few opportunities for them to come across people from different backgrounds and in this moment we all share our love for hip hop.”

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Litefest 2019
28 & 29 September
Jacksons Lane Theatre