Lunas Dance Project presents ‘There Are No Such Words’

16 Aug 2017

Larissa See and Annet Westhoek of Lunas Dance Project. Image by Susan Taylor

In the early stages of this exciting project, Lunas Dance Project presents a performance of There Are No Such Words showcasing the development of the piece following a week-long residency at The Mill, Banbury.

The piece is a contemporary dance performance work exploring themes of motherhood, encompassing ideas of tradition and expectation, family dynamics and in particular the complex relationship of mothers and daughters. It will examine motherhood from pre-conception through to the maturing relationships of adulthood.

The piece is directed by choreographer and Artistic Director Eleonora Aldegheri, and its development has involved collaboration with local mothers, participation from the public and links to scientific research.

There Are No Such Words is performed at The Mill, on Saturday 3 November. For more information, visit The Mill’s website.