London Contemporary Dance School offers Somatics Intensive

21 Nov 2017

Somatics -Coral Montejano Cantoral in the studio. Image: Katie Paling

In December 2017, London Contemporary Dance School is offering an intensive Somatic practice programme of postgraduate level classes for professional and vocational level students.

You can choose to attend individual classes that range in focus from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, to improvisation, breath and yoga, or sign up for the full eight day course (Mon 4 – Thu 14).

The three teachers delivering the course Susanne Lahusen, Simonetta Alessandri and Fabiano Culora bring with them a wealth of experience.

Susanne Lahusen’s interest in somatics started when she helped to set up a collection on the early 20th century Central European Dance, and started to explore the roots that led to the various somatic practices of today. She has a BEd in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and the Alexander Technique.

Simonetta Alessandri is an Italian dance artist based in London. Her work is informed by more than 30 years of dancing, teaching and choreographing. She has kept Contact Improvisation alive in Rome for ten years with her classes and jams. She obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, is qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method and holds the teaching certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance.

Fabiano Culora has been working with performers since 2001 though interdisciplinary somatic practice, exploring bodymind awareness and preparation for creation and performance. Applying principles from Authentic Movement, BMC, Body&Earth, Yoga and Somatic Psychology to performative improvisational practice, a work has arisen which enables performers to develop adaptable qualities of emerging presence from a supported embodied relational consciousness.

Susanne Lahusen will be delivering Introduction to Somatics and dance (4 Dec) which covers ideas, philosophy, history and experiential work; Breath (5 Dec) understanding the anatomy of breath, its essential qualities in movement and stillness; Myofascial web (6 Dec) developing an anatomical model for somatic practice; Touch as a teaching tool (12 Dec) with a focus on Alexander Technique and Yoga (13 Dec) as a somatic practice. Simonetta Alessandri will lead the two-day class From Feldenkrais into improvisation (7-8 Dec) working from the inside out and Fabiano Culora leads Somatic Resonance (11 Dec) attuning, misattuning, reattuning.

For more information, visit the LCDS website.