Learn Fundamentals of Language of Dance

20 Feb 2018

Dancer: Juan Carlos Palma. Course: Teachers Course for Delivering LOD Awards, November 2016. Image: Arianna Carloni

Language of Dance® (LOD), created by world renowned movement specialist Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest, is a teaching approach that enhances the movement and dance experience.

The basic components of the movement building blocks, or the Movement Alphabet®, are represented by basic Motif Notation symbols together with the corresponding movement/dance terminology and used to create simple phrases and eventually more complex combinations of movement. LOD encourages an intellectual understanding of dance, thus providing a language for discussion and evaluation as well as giving a sound construct for the dance-making process.

The Language of Dance Centre will be running a Language of Dance® Fundamentals (Stage 1) course from Tuesday 3 April to Saturday 14 April 2018 at Oxford House (Bethnal Green, London). This two-week intensive course, running 10am to 4pm daily, aims to:

  • provide an approach to identifying the basic components of movement through an exploration of the Movement Alphabet;
  • demonstrate the LOD approach and its capacity to promote and develop creativity in dance and movement;
  • provide an understanding of the basics of Motif Notation and the recording and interpretation of movement;
  • cover the material necessary for candidates to take the Language of Dance® Fundamentals Certificate examination.

The full fee (including the exam) is £595, but the Language of Dance Centre is offering a 10% discount on bookings made by 3 March 2018. Concessions for dance teachers and students may also be available.

For more information on contents, concessions and bookings, visit the Language of Dance Centre website, or email .