LDIF18 presents Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues

23 Feb 2018

Ancestral Voices . Image: Ayikodans

Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues

Tuesday 8 May

9.15am 5.15pm

City Hall

115 Charles St,



Early Bird £45*/£77/£55 Concessions

Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues is a conversation between past, present and future, bringing together leading dance practitioners from Senegal, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad and the UK.

The conference is an exploration of the roots of contemporary dance styles, examining contemporary dance techniques from the African and African Caribbean diaspora with the pioneers who have developed them.

Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues welcomes Germaine Acogny (France/Senegal) as keynote speaker, founder of L’Ecole des Sables and Janti-Bi dance companies. Other speakers will include L’Antoinette Stines (Jamaica), founder of L’Acadco and creator of Caribbean dance technique, L’Antech; Namron (UK), founding member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre; Bob Ramdhanie (Trinidad-UK), former director of Black Dance Development Trust and Kokuma Dance Company; Barbara Ramos (Cuba), Artistic Director of Danza Del Caribe; Jeanguy Saintus (Haiti), founder of Ayikodans. The proceedings will be chaired by Pawlet Brookes, Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director of Serendipity.

Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues uncovers the rich cultural history of the African and African Caribbean diaspora and documents how this has shaped contemporary dance practice internationally, recognising the contemporary ground-breakers who have developed new aesthetics, grounded in tradition. It honours ancestral voices, whilst codifying and preserving a legacy for the next generation.

LDIF+ Workshops

Wednesday 9 May – Friday 11 May

PACE3, De Montfort University

Gateway House,



One Workshop Early Bird £80*/£115

Two Workshops Early Bird £125*/£160

Three Workshops Early Bird £170*/£205  

Each ticket also provides entry to the Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues Conference that includes the workshop leaders.

LDIF+ Workshops provide unique opportunity to work with renowned choreographers, all trailblazers in contemporary Caribbean dance. The workshop series provides a fantastic opportunity for continued professional development for dance practitioners. Whether dancers, choreographers or educators you can gain an insight into contemporary dance techniques from Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. The sessions build over three days to provide a thorough introduction to each aesthetic. With this flexible programme, participants can tailor the opportunity to suit their own needs choosing to work with one, two or all three of the course leaders.

LAntoinette Stines (Jamaica)

9.15am 11.00am

L’Antoinette Stines is the creator of L’Antech, an eclectic Caribbean contemporary dance technique, which synthesises African influences, Caribbean folklore and Jamaican dance. It brings together elements of classical ballet whilst honouring African Caribbean retentions and unifying body, mind and spirit to create something truly distinctive. No stranger to the LDIF programme, L’Antoinette is the founder of L’Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force.

Jeanguy Saintus (Haiti)

11.15am 12.45pm

Jeanguy Saintus is a Haitian dancer and choreographer, as the founder of Ayikodans he continuously pushes the limits of modern dance. Jeanguy Saintus’ technique is a contemporary Haitian aesthetics, rooted in tradition, with folklore and Haitian voodoo culture, as well as diverse African, Amerindian and French influences that reflect modern Caribbean culture and creativity.

Barbara Ramos (Cuba)

1.45pm 3.30pm

Barbara Ramos is a choreographer and practitioner based in Cuba. Barbara Ramos’ technique draws on the powerful influences that African Caribbean culture have made on classical styles of modern and contemporary dance, characterised by marked emphasis on design and shapes. As the Artistic Director of Danza del Caribe, Barbara Ramos explores harmonisation to a dance language that transgresses the boundaries of communication.

* Early Bird: available until 28 February 2018.