Launch of Pivot Dance, a European Creative Collaboration Initiative

27 Jan 2016

Pivot Dance is a three year project looking at the value of creating dance performances in consultation with audiences, artists and producers funded by the Creative European Programme of the European Union. This project is running simultaneously at The Place (UK), CSC Centro per la Scena contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (Italy) and Nederlandse Dansdagen (The Netherlands), and will culminate in the creation of six brand new dance shows made with the help of an ‘Audience Club’ in each country.

The three partners represent a dynamic cross section of organisations in Europe – a producing theatre, a national platform and an international festival. There is a synchronicity in their organisational objectives towards artists and audiences that extends beyond their individual missions and embraces wider sectoral objectives around deepening artists and audience relationships.

This project is designed to meet these shared objectives of a future dance ecology. Pivot Dance aims to create a shift in behaviour in the dance industry for the next generation of makers and audience where they go on a creative journey together, rather than meeting at the end. The three project partners are international leaders in supporting emerging artists and so are ideally placed to effect a significant shift in behaviour across Europe.

The three key dimensions of this project are artists, producers and audiences. In order for early career artists to develop their artistic voice and entrepreneurial instincts they need the support of a producer and an audience from the very start of the creative process. Over the course of the Pivot Dance project, the selected artists and producers will work with the Audiences Clubs and experienced dance professionals.

The artists and producers who have been selected to participate in Pivot Dance are:

Sivan Rubenstein and Xavier De Sousa (UK)

Joseph Toonga and Emma Beverley (UK)

Giorgia Nardin and Irene Bedin (Italy)

Elena Giannotti and Lisa Gilardino (Italy)

Dario Tortorelli  and Fred Bax (The Netherlands)

Iván Pérez and Joriene Blom (The Netherlands)

Eddie Nixon, Director, Theatre and Artist Development at The Place says, ‘We are really excited to be leading this European project looking at the way artists, producers and audiences can work alongside one another when they are creating new dance performances. This project tests new models for this three-way relationship and how it can make a real impact on the dances that are made, and how audiences connect to them.’

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