Language of Dance at V&A Friday Late

22 Jan 2018

The Language of Dance Centre will be taking part in the V&A’s first of 2018 Friday Late events, ‘Systems and Secrets’, which will take place on Friday 26th January, 6:30pm to 10pm.

There will be two Language of Dance half-hour workshops led by Valerie Farrant, at 7:30pm and 9pm, and at 8:15pm Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest, the LODC’s founder, will be presenting her work on Nijinsky’s notation system.

All Language of Dance events will be held in the Raphael Gallery:

7.30 & 9.00 (30 mins)

How can symbols inspire us to move?

Language of Dance® (LOD) aims to provide an exploration of movement based on a fundamental, universal approach applicable to all movement study. It uses the ‘Movement Alphabet’ in order to explore, create and record movement. Symbols are an integral part of the approach which allows for individual kinetic experience of the elements of movement

LOD encourages an intellectual and physical understanding of movement, providing a language for creation, discussion and evaluation.

Join us for this practical session to experience LOD and create your own movement phrase.

8.15 (15 mins)

How to indicate three-dimensional movement on two-dimensional paper?
Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest

Since the 15th century, various types of symbols have been tried. A few have provided a dance heritage of that period. The most interesting of these being that of the famous Russian dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, who recorded in his own system the score of his first ballet L’Aprés-midi d’un Faune through which that ballet can now be faithfully presented.

More information on the V&A Friday Late event, which is free and drop-in, can be found on the V&A website