Key Stage 1 and 2 Dance by Beth

Dance Ambassador 18/19 Beth sums up the One Dance UK Conference session Dance as a Tool for Learning in Key Stage 1 and 2.

Lead by Emma Bellerby

Emma Bellerby’s session encouraged the discovery of creative movement for the delivery of dance sessions to KS 1 and 2 students, as a way to bring the curriculum alive. Dance is a platform for children to learn in a way which is separate to their normal learning environment, and as teachers and artists we can use our knowledge to grow this.

In the session, Emma’s approach to organising a class remained a focal point for delegates to return to. Participates were actively taken through a vision of how to plan, introduce, discover, explore and ultimately create a session. The use of imagery, books and other visual resources were introduced as a tool to draw upon the curriculum lessons taught in a classroom, and bring them into a dance environment. For example, specifically selecting words in a story book and exploring them through movement can lead to a child’s vocabulary expanding and further understanding into the literature itself. The delegates thoroughly enjoyed trying out the methods and reflecting on their practice throughout. Scenarios from various year groups were discussed as well as the potential to layer or stay with the movement that has been created depending on the focus of a class.

The session ended in a discussion about the current primary dance network, emphasising the desire to collaborate and share with one another more. As teachers and artists we should be creating an immersive, creative and dynamic way to learn outside the classroom setting. The in-depth sharing of the ways in which we can achieve this generated a community spirit amongst the group. The practical, conversational session alongside Emma’s expertise gave a fresh outlook on the way we can teach dance to KS 1 and 2. Those who attended left with an array of tools and ideas to take away, experiment further and run with.

So inspiring…this session was the highlight of my weekend! Emma was so refreshing and gave a new lease of life and air to my own thoughts on primary delivery. Also for me to move and feel like I belonged in a world I haven’t been for a while…loved it

-Session delegate