Jacky Lansley releases new publication ‘Choreographies’

19 Sep 2017

Choreographer Jacky Lansley has been practising and performing for more than four decades. In Choreographies, she offers unique insight into the processes behind independent choreography and paints a vivid portrait of a rigorous practice that combines dance, performance art, visuals and a close attention to space and site.

Choreographies is both autobiography and archive—documenting production through rehearsal and performance photographs, illustrations, scores, process notes, reviews, audience feedback and interviews with both dancers and choreographers. Covering the author’s practice from 1975 to 2017, the book delves into an important period of change in dance as an art form—exploring British New Dance, postmodern dance, and experimental dance outside of a canonical US context. A critically engaged reflection that focuses on artistic process over finished product, Choreographies is a much-needed resource in the fields of dance and choreographic art making.

“Lansley has written about her trajectory as an independent artist over four decades, and at last, there is some much needed information provided by someone who has been immersed in experimental dance within the UK.

“Since the early 1970s, when she was a founder of the seminal X6 Dance Space, Lansley has maintained a unique thread of activity rising from that period and continuing for the next generations of artists to relate to. I think of her as someone who has been involved in the questions that have helped to shape dance practice in Britain. Politically and artistically her research and performance have understood the strengths and responsibilities of dance as an art form.”

– Siobhan Davies CBE, choreographer and founder of Siobhan Davies Dance

“Jacky Lansley’s significant insights into the working processes of choreographic practices and collaboration are an invaluable contribution to dance, drawing on her rich experience over four decades of working with cross art form strategies as a choreographer and writer.”

– Christy Adair, Professor Emerita, York St John University

“Drawing upon decades of experience and enquiry, Jacky Lansley shares her expanded sense of choreography – or rather, choreographies – as spaces that hold the traces of many areas: other art forms, histories both personal and political, training, processes of research and creation. Lansley has written Choreographies as a kind of “open book” – open to other fields, to varying voices, open to reading.”

– Sanjoy Roy, dance writer (The Guardian)

Choreographies is available to purchase online from Intellect Books.