IADMS 30th Annual Conference Round-Up

23 Oct 2020

About IADMS 

The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science was formed in 1990 by an international group of dance medicine practitioners, dance educators, dance scientists, and dancers. Membership has grown from an initial 48 members in 1991 to over 900 members at present world-wide, representing 35 countries. 

IADMS enhances health, well-being, training and performance in dance by cultivating medical, scientific, and educational excellence.  


What is the iConference?  

Each year, IADMS holds an annual meeting. This year, the gathering was due to take place in Chiba, Japan, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global public health crisis, the conference has instead taken to our screens and moved online, bringing us the IADMS 2020 iConference.  

This has included a series of eLearning sessions and virtual networking events, serving as an opportunity for all those involved in the field, or with an interest in the field of dance medicine and science, to connect and discuss recent research and clinical findings that can improve the health outcomes and injury prevention strategies for the dancer and through dance practice.  


One Dance UK – iConference reflections  

Thanks to the online nature of the conference this year, the wider One Dance UK staff team have been able to upskill and develop their knowledge of the work that takes place within the Dance Science sector 

‘The sessions I took part in were varied, insightful and engaging. It was brilliant to see presentations from the world’s leading dance scientists being so accessible, particularly at a time when dancer health and wellbeing is at the top of the agenda. 

Cameron – One Dance UK Special Projects Manager

As a university student, I’ve not had many years of exposure to the dance industry so it’s been very enlightening to tune into the IADMS conference each week! The sessions cover a very wide variety of topics, making sure there’s something for everyone. The presentations have been well structured, so are easy to follow, whilst still challenging me to grow my awareness of this important and valued sector. 

Lucy – One Dance UK Intern


One Dance UK and IADMS – iConference features

This year, One Dance UK staff, as well as One Dance UK members, colleagues and partners have featured work as part of the conference. We are incredibly proud to be associated with and share such excellent work. Here are a few examples 

  • A summary of the WHO 2019 scoping review, synthesising the evidence on the role of dance in improving health and well-beingEmily Jenkins PgDip, MA
    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, England., English National Ballet, London, England.  
  • Dance and Parkinson’s: the effects on girdle dissociation during the turning movement. Aline Haas PhD, Marlene Brito Fortes BA., Fruzsina Nagy BSc., Marcela dos Santos Delabary MSc., Leonardo Alexandre Peyre-Tartaruga PhD., Tina Smith PhD., Yiannis Koutedakis PhD., & Matthew Wyon PhD. 
    Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil., University of Wolverhampton, Walsall, United Kingdom.  
  •   Are we building on poor foundations? Science needs a strong footing. Matthew Wyon PhD.
    University of Wolverhampton, Walsall, United Kingdom. 
  • What is competency within dance medicine and science? How can this be recognised across countries and professions. Matthew Wyon PhD., Nico Kolokythas MSc PhD., Elaina Manolis DPT., Steven Karageanes DO., & Ana Azevedo. 
    University of Wolverhampton, Walsall, United Kingdom., Elmhurst Ballet School, London, England., Spaudling Rehabilitation Hospital, Charlestown, USA., Saint Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia, USA., Private Practice, Portugal.  
  • Facing the challenges of implementing a code of practice within a dance conservatoire. Frances Clarke BA(hons) MSc., Emma Redding PhD.
    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, England  
  • Promoting evidence-based practice in the traditional environment: a strength and conditioning coach’s perspective. Nico Kolokythas MSc PhD
    Elmhurst Ballet School, London, England 
  • Safeguarding in the context of dance education: a panel discussionErin Sanchez MSc., Steven J Karageanes., Kathleen McGuire Gaines. 
    National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science, Birmingham, United Kingdom., One Dance UK, Birmingham, United Kingdom., St Mary Mercy Hospital Mercy Elite Sports Medicine, Livonia, USA., Minding the Gap., Pittsburgh, USA.  
  •   Safeguarding the mental health of the artist in the creative process: calming emotional arousal. Stuart Walters MA., Steve Peck., & Erin Sanchez MSc.
    National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science, Birmingham, United Kingdom., One Dance UK, Birmingham, United Kingdom., Steve Peck Psychotherapy, London, United Kingdom., Rockbottom, London, United Kingdom  
  •  Does dehydration really impair performance? Jasmine Challis MRes RD., Meghan Brown PhD SENr
    Freelance Registered Dietician, Reading, United Kingdom., Birmingham City University School of Health Sciences, Department of Sport and Exercise, Birmingham, United Kingdom.  


Catch-up and keep-up…  

To take advantage of the over 75 online sessions, see details of IADMS membership here. These sessions will remain online and free to IADMS members until September 2021. 

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