Healthier Dancer Programme Talks

5 Jan 2016

Claire Farmer at Roehampton University HDP Talk. Photo by Erin Brown-John

Claire Farmer at Roehampton University HDP Talk. Photo by Erin Brown-John

What are HDP Talks?

Our HDP talks re-launched in 2012 with the establishment of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS) and form a core part of the education strand of NIDMS. Talks are 90 minutes in length and are delivered by our HDP Managers, Erin Sanchez and Sarah Needham-Beck, along with experts in specific areas of dance medicine and science, such as Khyle Eccles, Director of Athletic Artist.

We deliver talks on a range of topics, aiming to provide an overview of the key concerns in dancers’ health, including rest and overtraining, psychology, fitness and conditioning, nutrition, and safe dance practice essentials such as warming up and cooling down. The sessions have been carefully designed to provide clear, practical, research informed recommendations to participants. We adapt sessions to cater to the specific age, experience, and needs of the participants and are able to deliver talks as practical workshops or lecture based.

For the full list of available topics, see our menu HDP Talks


Who are HDP Talks for?

Currently our talks can be booked by organisations for groups of students and dancers, or teachers and other staff. Over the last three years we have delivered talks at many dance colleges, companies, and schools including: 2Faced Dance, Akademi, The Brit School, London Studio Centre, Rambert, and Tring Park to name just a few. These diverse dance settings have enabled us to reach Teachers, Students, and Professional Dancers training and working in a variety of contexts and genres of dance.


What’s new this year?

  • CPD; Our talks for Teachers are now CPD accredited through Safe in Dance International and the Council for Dance Education and Training
  • Modules; rather than just one-off talks we now offer modules, which consist of 3 talks each and allow the opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge of certain subjects
  • Empowering Dance; Dance UK’s Erin Sanchez is now fully trained to deliver this exciting, extended workshop developed by Prof Joan Duda and colleagues at the University of Birmingham


What are the future plans for these talks?

It’s an exciting time for us here at Dance UK as we prepare to officially become ‘One Dance UK’ in April 2016; completing our merger with the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD), the National Dance Teachers Association, and Youth Dance England. The added knowledge, experience, and networks of these fantastic organisations is helping us to make plans for talks in schools (for BTech, GCSE, and A level dance students) and to expand our work across different dance genres and contexts.

We are also looking into possibly options for delivering talks to Independent Dance Artists, outside of Organisation bookings. Watch this space…


How do I book?

To bring in the New Year we are offering an early bird discount on all bookings made before Monday 1 February 2016. This includes discounts on individual talks and 10% off modules.


Call us on 020 7713 0730 or email us at

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