Examples of good online dance class practice

2Faced Dance

2Faced Dance have a range of short online classes, free on YouTube, that are specific to certain areas of strength and fitness or technical exercises. They look at refining technique, e.g. plié or coordination or strengthening exercises that don’t require lots of space. Quality over quantity is a good feature of these online videos.

Pointers to take away:

  • Excellent use of quiet background music so the teacher’s voice is heard loud and clear over the top
  • Teachers give lots of specific pointers for performing movements correctly
  • Videos are all around the 10-minute mark making them accessible for those who may be busy, less likely for participants to disengage and provide a clear focus on specific skills.
  • Production of these short videos is more manageable to sustain over a longer term.
  • The teachers deliver session in a clean and clear space without background distractions. The whole dancer is seen clearly with effective lighting and the camera is good quality and held still with a tripod.
  • They have a clear health and safety introduction to every video: 2Faced Dance Company have produced this video for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do not follow the instructions within this video if you are not fit and well. Ensure you have adequate safe space around you to follow the instructor. It is advised that you warm-up and cool-down prior to and following any exercise


BBC Bitesize Physical Education KS2: Street dance masterclass on B-boying and footwork

This was recorded pre-Coronavirus epidemic but it has a clear structure that can be utilised in current videos. The class is perfectly pitched at Key Stage 2 students and is well delivered.

Pointers to take away:

  • The video is hosted on a professional and informative website (BBC Bitesize) and is clearly aimed at a target audience of children and young people.
  • The video starts with clear health and safety instructions, including ensuring jewellery has been removed and that participants are not chewing gum.
  • The class has a clear and effective structure. The start of the video includes an introduction to B-boying so that participants are clear on the style. This is followed by a warm-up, sections of the phrase and a section on performance tips.
  • Instrumental music is used and the teacher’s voice is heard loud and clear.
  • Varied camera shots are used to highlight certain movements, such as focusing on more detailed hand and foot movements.


Drew McOnie

Drew is one of Britain’s most sought-after emerging directors and choreographers. He delivers free online musical theatre classes via his McOnie Company Instagram page.

Pointers to take away:

  • The class has a clear and well-balanced structure. Drew starts the class with a thorough warm up, including some strengthening work. He also does a cool down and stretch to finish.
  • When teaching his repertoire, he breaks it down phrase by phrase and is very clear in his explanations and demonstrations, with a positive and engaging manner.
  • He rehearses the movement at a slower speed, then the actual speed, before finally putting it with the music.
  • He delivers the sessions in a light, clear space and reminds viewers to be careful of the space around them.