RJC Dance and Trailblazers Showcase

ADX showcase © Carolyn Lilly

Friday 23 November 2018
7 – 8pm
Northern Ballet

Don’t miss the evening mixed-bill showcase by Trailblazers Iris De Brito, Jamaal Burkmar, Zinzi Minott and Dickson Mbi, sharing live and recorded excerpts from their fellowship journey, alongside performances by renowned Leeds-based RJC Dance.

Join us also for One Dance UK Conference 2018 taking place in Leeds Friday 23 November – Saturday 24 November. For more information and to book tickets, visit

Dickson Mbi

Dickson is a world-renowned dancer in the Hip Hop community. He has a background in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance having trained at Lewisham College, London Contemporary Dance School and mentored by Stuart Thomas. Additionally, he is known for his remarkable Popping skills, strong personality, powerful movement and positive attitude.  Dickson has won many Popping competitions including: Justedebout, BattleISM and UK B-Boy championships.

Iris De Brito

Originally from Angola, Iris trained at the Lisbon’s conservatoire for music & dance, completed her dance studies at The London Studio Centre, and trained intensively with the late William Louther Dance Theatre. A dance practitioner since 1995, she is currently working and researching Afro –Luso dance styles. As a performer Iris has had a diverse career working in the commercial sector, TV Film and video. She has participated in African dance company work and toured the international festival circuit, specializing in Salsa and Afro – Cuban styles. Also, Iris has choreographed for stage and camera and created and directed her own dance theatre production at Jackson’s Lane Theatre.

Jamaal Burkmar

Whilst studying Jamaal was inspired to begin playing with choreography which led to the creation of a piece he made in his second year entitled Ocean. The piece was commissioned for VERVE, the postgraduate company at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Ocean proved successful with audiences in UK and beyond.

Zinzi Minott

Zinzi Minott’s solo and collaborative pursuits focus on the relationships between dance and politics. She is interested in how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class. Her practice is driven through Dance, and her outcomes range from dances, performance, live art, sound, and film. Zinzi is interested in the space between Dance and Art and is creating a habitat between the two worlds.

The Trailblazers 

The Trailblazers Fellowship is an annual professional development programme initiated in 2003 to support UK-based dance artists, practitioners, performers, choreographers, dance teachers and researchers working in the field of dance of the African Diaspora. The aim is to cultivate excellence in African people’s dance by providing training and mentoring in order to ensure there is sustained investment in these talented individuals.

RJC Dance

RJC Dance’s work comes from a Black British perspective, with a truly broad appeal to a diverse audience both culturally and socially. It is the leading inclusive Black dance organisation in the North empowering young people aged 4-19 years and adults through dance, movement and exercise.