Ready, Step, Teach! CPD for Primary Teachers 2020-2021

We believe all children and young people should be able to access high-quality dance experiences as part of their education. As the Subject Association for Dance, One Dance UK is committed to supporting the dance teaching workforce. In an academic year which will no doubt bring additional challenges, we are delighted to provide and promote quality professional development opportunities for teachers and practitioners who work with children and young people in dance.

We are thrilled to be launching Ready, Step, Teach!, two brand new CPD programmes delivered across the Autumn term. These engaging and accessible online programmes are aimed at dance teachers working in schools – both employed and on a freelance basis – and are suitable for non-specialists as well as those with some dance experience.

The programmes are delivered online via the Zoom platform during a twilight slot to help you fit this CPD programme into your busy working week, with separate programmes for primary and secondary teaching. With limited cohort sizes to ensure you are fully supported through your dance CPD journey, the programmes offer a combination of theoretical and practical activities and are delivered by specialists in the field of dance education. Ready, Step, Teach! will ‘demystify’ the process of planning and delivering engaging dance lessons for the non-specialist teacher, whilst providing fresh and updated skills for those with more experience.

To get the most from Ready, Step, Teach! we recommend you join all 6 sessions in the programme at our special rate, however individual sessions can be purchased by clicking on ‘Read More’ underneath the title of each session below and then clicking ‘Buy Tickets’.

Alternatively, you can book all 6 sessions using the ‘Bulk Bundle’ option.

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1 session: £20 One Dance UK member / £30 non member

6 session bulk: £80 One Dance UK member / £120 non member

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Let’s Get Moving – an introduction to primary dance
16th September 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Laura Nicholson-Head of Children and Young People at One Dance UK with Dance in Education Managers Amy Williams and Tori Drew


Dive into the many benefits of dance, develop an understanding of key dance terminology and develop the confidence to create a strong dance culture in your school. The session will show you how to use your sports premium funding for dance effectively and provide an overview to high-quality dance in your primary school.

Physiological and psychological developments and dance
30 September 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Dr Siobhan Mitchell

Session 2 focusses on growth, maturation, and the developmental tasks of childhood. This session will explore the ways in which the social, emotional and cognitive development of children can be fostered as part of their dance education and offers the teacher a theoretical basis and practical strategies for attending to these issues. Physical development in childhood and fundamental movement skills will also be addressed and we will consider what children are able to do at different ages and stages alongside their limitations.

Safe practice
 October 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Erin Sanchez, Health, Wellbeing and Performance Manager at One Dance UK with the Children and Young People’s Dance team


Explore the key areas of safe dance practice that are essential for dance teachers working in all dance genres and settings. In particular, the session will give you the confidence to structure an effective and engaging warm-up and cool down for dance, whilst underlining the importance both from a physiological and psychological perspective.

Dance across the curriculum
4 November 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Tori Drew, Dance in Education Manager at One Dance UK

Make class topics fun through dance! This session will give you the confidence to promote student-led learning, enabling children to develop dance skills whilst enhancing their learning across the curriculum. The session will give dance specific knowledge, key dance terminology, and allow you to apply these skills to any topic of the curriculum.

Choreography and creativity
25 November 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Claire Pring, Primary Dance Specialist

Let’s get creative! This session will give you the skills and terminology to encourage students to explore their own choreographic style and choices. Session content will include terminology that will help you and your students to create dances both as a teacher and from the students with examples of creative tasks, themes and ideas. The session will give you the confidence to lead choreography tasks, from exploring an initial idea to developing a final piece.

The Final Curtain: performance and appreciation
9 December 2020, 4:30pm-6pm

Led by Tori Drew, Dance in Education Manager and Laura Nicholson, Head of Children and Young People’s Dance at One Dance UK


Take a bow – the final session in your CPD package will focus on skills associated with performing and appreciating dance. The session will look at engaging ways for “do it one more time”, with the aim of preparing students for high quality performance. Focus will also be given to the importance of dance appreciation and how it can be fun and engaging too!