One Dance UK and ClicknClear – Music Licensing Workshop for Dance

Join Chantal Epp and David Walsh from ClicknClear as they cover music copyright issues related to all aspects of Dance, and answer your questions.

The session will cover:

• what is copyright
• what licenses are required
• when they are needed
• and most importantly how to put the necessary licenses in place.

We hope that this session will demystify the complexities of music rights and help the sector understand how we can appropriately and legally use music.

ClicknClear is an award-winning music rights tech and licensing company that works with the music industry to make music licensing easy for participants and those who organise events in Dance – and all other sports where music is an intrinsic part of the performance – by making all necessary rights available from both record labels and music publishers in one license. They are the world’s first company to solve the complex music licensing issues in these areas and are backed by music industry record labels and publishers.

The session is free for One Dance UK members or £5 for non-members.

Can’t attend? A recording of the session will be available for 7 days, so book your place to receive a recording to watch after the event.

Why not become a member of One Dance UK and receive a range of benefits, along with attending the session free of charge! To find out more visit or email [email protected]