Music Licencing Workshop with One Dance UK & ClicknClear

Chrissie Ardill © Dani Bower Photography for One Dance UK

Get to grips with music licencing with One Dance UK & ClicknClear!

As part of our offer of digital upskilling workshops in the run up to Dance Passion 2022, we have teamed up with licencing gurus ClicknClear to offer a free webinar on music licencing to the dance sector.

Led by the team at ClicknClear, the session will cover the basics of “what is copyright”, how people use music, the different licences and when you need them, and the wider picture of music licencing. We hope that this session shines some light on the maze that is navigating music rights clearance, to help our sector understand how we can appropriately and legally use music both online and live.

ClicknClear are an award-winning music rights tech company that deliver officially licenced music to sports that use music in their routines worldwide. They are the world’s first company to solve the complex music licencing issues in these areas, and are backed by music industry record labels and publishers, offering music available for use by individuals, teams, event producers and sports federations.

Wednesday 1 December at 4pm, on Zoom.