DAD Heritage Exhibition at The Lowry

Gail Parmel by Chris Smart

Gail Parmel by Chris Smart

One Dance UK curated a heritage exhibition of photographic work to commemorate Black British dance from the 1930’s to the 1990’s. Exploring themes from the early pioneers of musicals to the cross-cultural influences of Africa, America and the Caribbean, Moments… celebrates some of the achievements and contributions to British theatrical dance today.

Moments… is documented through photographs, sourced from leading photographers such as Roger Wood, Dee Conway and Chris Nash as well as the archives of the National Resource Centre for Dance and the New York Public Library.

The exhibition highlights 4 themes:

  • Influences from Abroad
  • Mainstream Dance and Identity
  • Dance Companies and Racial Representation
  • Diversity, Aesthetics and Form

Talented black practitioners and artists are featured including Buddy Bradley, Katherine Dunham, Namron, Cathy Lewis, Carol Straker, and Kenneth Tharpe – all whom danced with mainstream companies such as Rambert Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance Theatre and English National Ballet.

The exhibition additionally features images of notable dance companies such as MAAS Movers, Ekome, Adzido, Kokuma, Phoenix Dance Company, Jiving Lindy Hoppers, JazzXchange, Bullies Ballerinas, Badejo Arts, RJC, and Union Dance Company.

Moments… was first launched in October 2006 at the Theatre Museum in London and has travelled to different venues in London, Bristol, Swindon, Leeds and Manchester where a network of artists have facilitated workshops, master classes and performances alongside it.  Each exhibition becomes personalised to the venue’s locality, highlighting the dance organisations and practitioners that contribute to the artistic growth and engagement within the local community. To date Moments has been viewed by over 60,000 people.

More recently the exhibition has been recreated digitally for #DancePassion in collaboration with BBCArts.

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