Eliot Smith Dance presents “ROOTED IN YOUTH”

25 Nov 2021

Continuing their 10th Anniversary celebration, Eliot Smith Dance have recently been actively working in their local community in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Since early September, they have delivered 20 dance and arts related workshops for a cohort of 22 children from St. Catherine’s Primary School and St. Teresa’s Primary School, and the result is Rooted in Youth, a film showing online from Thursday 25 November at 6.00 pm at .

Rooted in Youth is a new contemporary dance film intended to give online audiences an inspiring message about one of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change.

This short film explores the climate crisis and its impact on people in general, the youth of today, and the surrounding areas of Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond – created by children, for the people.

Eliot Smith, the Company’s Artistic Director, says: “Everything you see in the film is directly inspired by the children who created it.  This exciting project aims to provide a healthy opportunity for pupils to be active and creative, and is a confidence-building experience, with the added benefit of meeting friends and working with supportive professional dance artists in the community.”

With inspiring movement, visuals and text, performed by a group of 22 children from diverse backgrounds, this new film aims to be a catalyst for change – exploring the climate crisis through the medium of contemporary dance.

Michael Ewing, St. Catherine’s Primary School headteacher: “Wow! What a powerful piece of work. I’m quite emotional watching it. Thanks, Eliot Smith Dance, for including us in this special project.”

Rooted in Youth is funded by the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund administered by the Community Foundation, with further support from Arts Council England.

Jo Cundall, Senior Advisor Culture at the Community Foundation, said: “The Community Foundation were delighted to help fund Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) outreach work and to produce an online piece of work on such an important and meaningful topic.  By engaging with young people in the local community, ESD has offered opportunities for children to take part in dance and arts related activities as well as capturing the voice of the youth that will be most directly impacted by climate change”.