Early Dance Circle Biennial Conference, April 2016

27 Jan 2016

Early Dance Circle logo

Early Dance Circle logo

Early Dance Circle’ Biennial Conference, Terpsichore and her Sister: Dance among the other Arts, is being held Friday 8th – Sunday 10th April 2016, at St Katharine’s, Parmoor, Frieth, Buckinghamshire.

Join them for dinner on Friday night, followed by an exciting performance and the first workshop. On Saturday evening we’re dancing to live music (no costume required and all dances called).

Here is a foretaste of Terpsichore’s rich connections and what to expect:

Dance’s debt to Artists in Early Modern France Margaret McGowan

Flemish Art and Burgundian Dance c. 1470 to c. 1500 Robert Mullally

The Mystery of The Nyne Muses Anne Daye

The Science of Country Dancing in the Early 19th Century Paul Cooper

Conflict and Harmony: Dance and Music in Early Eighteenth Century France Kimiko Okamoto

Dance in Baroque Art: Some Pitfalls of Interpretation Barbara Segal

A Dancing Master for the Horses – Pierre Dubreil and the Equestrian Ballets at the Bavarian Court Carola Finkel

Picturing Horror: Sorceresses, Furies and Demons on the French stage from 1650 to 1770 Petra Dotlacilova

Dance and the Muse of Comedy Bill Tuck

Queenship in Motion: Social Protocol in the Life of Queen Christina of Sweden Camilla Kandare

A Palace of Pleasure? A Temple to the Arts? A Bid for Promotion? Charlotte Ewart

Ways in which Travel Influences Dance Creation Madli Teller & Ipshita Rajesh

A History of the History of Morris Dance Ann Hinchliffe

Dance & Drama: “A la Suite de Marin Marais” Christine Bayle

Dialoguing with Music, Poetry, Painting and Sculpture in Traditional Indian Dance Training under V S Muthuswami Pillai. Tiziana Leucci

WORKSHOP A realisation of ‘The Nine Muses’ dance Ann & Paul Kent

LECTURE + WORKSHOP The Mask in the French Court Ballet (1573- 1681) Gerrit Berenike Heiter

WORKSHOP The Banquet as Performance Art Hazel Dennison

TALK + WORKSHOP Making movements and dances from illustrated dancing bodies on Vases of the Geometric Period & ancient texts Roula Lymniati

TALK + WORKSHOP The Charleston in relation to the Music and the 1920’s Nira Pullin

TALK + PERFORMANCE Semaphoreselfies – Calling to the past whilst waving to the future Turning Worlds Dance Company

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