Digital Dancing – Pathways Into Dance

Digital Dancing – Pathways Into Dance

The CYPDNN is keen to advocate for the excellent dance practice that happens, particularly across The North, with children and young people. Through digital resources we aim to broaden the opportunities for children and young people and those who inspire and work with them. Over the next few years we will be adding and developing new digital resources.

Pathways Into Dance is a series of short films with artists, teachers and dance leaders – sharing their pathways into dance, highlighting their training route, discussing their inspirations and influences, their current focus and some top tips about getting into the dance sector. These resources should have wide appeal to young dancers, teachers, aspiring choreographers, dance lovers and artists.

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Pathways Into Dance edits are uploaded to our blog and vimeo. They are shared on our Twitter, Facebook and highlighted on our Instagram account. Please watch for new edits on your platform of choice.

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Hetain Patel                                                                    

Victoria Fox – Tribe//                                                   

Feet Off The Ground Collective                                  

Antony Lo’giudice                                                          

Soléne Weinachter –Lost Dog                                                      

Vicki Igbowkwe – Uchenna Dance                             

Alleyne Dance                                                                 

James Cousins                                                                

Anthony Middleton