Delivering RSL Vocational Qualifications in Creative & Performing Arts

In a time where arts education is under constant threat in the UK, it is so important to discover and develop ways in which learners have the opportunity to thrive in arts subjects, evidencing their creative skills through practical assessment and developing key life skills in the process.

RSL Awards is built on the belief that arts education can be contemporary, progressive and, perhaps most importantly, rewarding to deliver and to learn. Through giving teachers and learners the freedom to explore content that is relevant and of interest to them, engagement is increased, passion for the subject enhanced and positivity surrounding the qualification is reflected in results.

RSL’s vocational qualifications in Creative & Performing Arts are available in a number of different formats – Level 1 & 2 Tech Awards and Level 3 Tech Levels that contribute to DfE Performance Measures, and qualifications at Levels 1-3 that are internally-assessed, offering a wide choice of units. The Tech Awards in particular have seen significant growth since inception, with many delivery centres now choosing to offer a practically-focused qualification that carries the equivalent Progress 8 value of a GCSE in Dance or Drama.

Delivery centres are able to design the course content without restrictions around set works or prescribed artists/choreographers. Teachers are empowered to design course content that engages their learners, whilst rigour remains in place via the assessment criteria and learning outcomes set by RSL and the thoroughly supportive External Quality Assurance processes that sit alongside delivery.

The Level 1 & 2 Tech Awards are made up of an externally-assessed core element and an internally-assessed optional unit. The optional units in both the Dance and the Acting pathways are focused on key skills development within that subject area. These units are intended to build and develop knowledge that would then be applied to the externally-assessed core unit, equipping the learners with the skills they need in order to achieve to the best of their ability in the controlled assessment. The unit table below shows the options available at Level 2 (with Progress 8 points of 4, 6.25 and 7.75 for grades Pass, Merit and Distinction respectively).

The syllabus specification and individual unit specifications for this particular qualification and others within the Creative & Performing Arts suite can be found on this webpage –

As a specialist contemporary arts awarding body, RSL work to create engaging qualifications to reflect the changing demands of the creative industries, with an ongoing commitment to motivate and support teachers and learners alike. RSL will always endeavor to retain the practical focus in their vocational qualifications, reflecting the nature of the employment opportunities that might follow should a learner pursue a creative subject area.

RSL Awards also offer vocational qualifications in Music and Creative Digital Media – further information on each of these suites can be found on the website –

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