Dancing on the Barge: On Set with Moving Cities

23 Feb 2018

L-R: Carmine De Amicis and Saju Hari

Members of the One Dance UK Marketing and Communications team enjoyed a bright and blue-skied morning at the photoshoot for the next One Magazine cover.

Susi Pink, Hollie McGill and Charlotte Constable met with photographer Jevan Chowdhury, photographer and creator of international project Moving Cities; executive producer Beth Cinamon; dancers Carmine De Amicis (of Edifice Dance Theatre) and Saju Hari; and videographer Sally Eden, to shoot on and around a barge outside London’s Paddington station.

The concept for today’s shoot was ‘infrastructure’ – specifically, the infrastructure of the UK dance sector today – explored literally through the architecture of the city.

With this in mind, Jevan was the perfect candidate for photographer of the shoot. His project, Moving Cities, was founded in 2014 in London as a platform through which the dance of public spaces could be captured in all its beauty. The project has since taken on the world, travelling to a plethora of cities including Prague, Barcelona, Yerevan and Dallas to name a few.

Carmine started by gracefully playing with the space, enabling Jevan to find the perfect light. His bare feet glided across the pavements, his face capturing the glare of the morning winter sun. Jevan made himself comfortable in a low position on the ground, drawing the lens up to the blue sky above, and giving Carmine the perfect backdrop. Behind, a building site of cranes and scaffolding added a beautiful contradiction to the colourful barge in front – the home of café Darcie & May Green – decorated in designs by Peter Blake.

Adding a new dimension, Carmine was hoisted onto bins and bollards, supported in balances and leaps to the floor with the help of Saju.

“Your body has to be flat to me,” Jevan comments, as the two play with angles.

Between shots, the team gathered around the camera to take a look at the work in progress.

After experimenting with a colourful metal railing outside the station’s taxi rank – too dark – Jevan and the team returned to the barge. Following conversations with the staff in the café below, Saju was invited to take to the barge, hoisted up onto its astro-turf roof. There he pivoted, extending into deep, sustained arabesques and back bends. A couple of site workers up above were captivated by his balancing act. It became clear that magic was unfolding on the camera.

As the One Dance UK team departed, the group headed off to play in the spaces of Oxford Circus. Watch this space for the results – coming up in the next issue of One, released 8 March 2018.

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Sally Eden’s film of the shoot is now live – watch the dancers in motion.