An Introduction to Dance Boss – a positive space for dancers to thrive

20 Nov 2020

Dance Boss was created to be a positive space for dancers to thrive and focuses on a total mind/body wellness approach to help dancers feel their best; physically, mentally and emotionally. We offer a free monthly e-zine, our exclusive Dance Boss Journal and professional and nurturing events for dancers. Dance Boss has everything you need to become the best version of you, both in life and in your dance pursuits.

It’s no secret that the dance world is often seen as an intimidating, tough place to be and it doesn’t win any awards for being “Most nurturing” or “Best at encouraging self-care”…in fact, the dance world focuses a lot on aesthetics and fitting a line up, which doesn’t do wonders for people’s self-esteem, as you might imagine.

At Dance Boss, we believe that dancers need to be a “double triple threat” which means that not only do they need to be strong in dancing, singing and acting, but also be strong in their mind, body and soul.

A lot of dance training focuses on technique and building dancers that are fully proficient in their artform in the physical sense, but little is done to ensure that their mental and emotional wellbeing is taken care of.

Hence the need for a shake up, (enter Dance Boss stage right) to help dancers become strong in their mind, body and soul, so they can pursue what they love most, whilst feeling healthy, happy and bursting with self-confidence.

To succeed and have longevity in the dance industry as an artist, you must have impeccable technique and performance, a love of what you do but also an unshakeable mindset and belief in yourself, as well as the knowledge and tools to take care of yourself so you can perform at your peak and have a sustainable career.

At Dance Boss, we have created a journal that aims to help dancers make their self-care, mindset and wellness a daily priority, with simple tasks and reminders to help you stay accountable and focused on your goals. Having a place where you can record your thoughts and feelings, actively decide how to best take care of yourself and your own needs so you can feel your best and build a positive mindset in the process is crucial for all dancers, especially in today’s society and current climate.

It is with these simple, daily tasks that new, positive habits are formed, which ultimately can have a much bigger impact on a dancer’s overall wellbeing, happiness and success. It is therefore, extremely important to start building dancers’ self-esteem, confidence and self-worth from an early age so that they can fully cement these beliefs into their being and move forward in their dance training and career, with all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed and stay healthy and happy.

However, we are fully aware that not everyone has access or is encouraged to do this from their earliest age so here at Dance Boss, we aim to offer helpful resources, support and in person events that aid dancers of all ages and walks of life to be able to make these tools, techniques and knowledge of how to best take care of themselves, part of their everyday life.

In June 2019, our founder Emily Sophie, released her book “Confessions of a Dancer”, which is part memoir and part self-help, documenting her experiences in the dance industry, her innermost confessions of struggling with anxiety, self-doubt and low confidence and the lessons she learned along the way, in the hope that it reaches every dancer who needs it to help them feel less alone if they too are struggling. Emily wants every dancer to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel where they will be able to thrive and fully step into their spotlight, because she has done it herself. “Confessions of a Dancer” includes actionable tasks, personal stories and coping strategies that will enable the reader to overcome their struggles and come out on top.

For more information, please head to where we are also offering 25% off on our Dance Boss journal during the month of December (simply use the code XMAS25 at the checkout). If you’re on social media, come and say hi at @dancebossuk we look forward to connecting with you soon!