Dance Boss

Dance Boss was created to be a positive space for dancers and dance teachers to thrive by focusing on a total mind/body wellness approach.

It’s no secret that the dance world is often seen as an intimidating, tough place to be and it doesn’t win any awards for being “Most nurturing” or “Best at encouraging self-care”…in fact, the dance world focuses a lot on aesthetics and fitting a line up, which doesn’t do wonders for people’s self-esteem, as you might imagine.

Hence the need for a shake up (enter Dance Boss stage right) to help you become strong in your mind, body and soul, so you can pursue what you love most, whilst feeling healthy, happy and bursting with self-confidence.

When we place the focus on our own wellbeing first, we are much more able to then help others. A few simple ways we can do this is by first tuning into ourselves. When we are in tune with our mind, body and soul, we then know exactly what we need. A few ways we can do this include: meditation, journaling, going for walks, movement or deep breathing techniques. All of these things help us to become more mindful, which in turn, helps us to tune into ourselves more.

Self-care isn’t a luxury or something you ‘get to’ when you’ve got ‘more time’, it is a complete necessity for every human and something we all must work on daily to perform as our best selves.

In the dance world, mental health can often suffer as we experience rejection, comparison, competition and the unobtainable quest for perfection. So, it is therefore crucial to build a strong, positive mindset that can thrive in this industry and enable you to have a long, healthy career as well.

To create a strong mindset, we must learn to become our own best friend. To talk to ourselves with love and kindness, to like what we see in the mirror, to respect ourselves and nurture our mind and body with great food, exercise, purposeful work and positive people. These are simple things to do, but they aren’t always easy to maintain, which is why making them a daily habit is so important to our overall wellness.

At Dance Boss, we have created a journal that aims to help dancers and dance teachers make their self-care, mindset and wellness a daily priority, with simple tasks and reminders to help you stay accountable and focused on your goals. Having a place where you can record your thoughts and feelings, actively decide how to best take care of yourself and your own needs so you can feel your best and build a positive mindset in the process is crucial for all dancers, especially in today’s society and current climate.


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