Dance Ambassadors: The importance of dance

Why is dance in schools important?

Our ambassadors provide their perspective


I think dance in schools is important because it gives young people a chance to relieve their stresses from their academic studies through a creative outlet. It also gives people a chance to meet new people that they wouldn’t normally interact with in day to day school life.

Emilie Lawson

One Dance UK Ambassador 


‘Dance should be accessible for everyone. Providing dance in schools enables young people to find their passion and experience a truly wonderful art form.’

Leah Maxwell

One Dance UK Ambassador


‘Dance in schools invites children to explore their creative potential in a supportive, collaborative and enjoyable environment, allowing a break from the traditional classroom setting.’ 

Beth Ackroyd

One Dance UK Ambassador


‘Dance is a very popular hobby for many young people, but also an expensive one. Offering dance in schools gives young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy movement. By also educating young people about dance and its’ many forms and styles, we are able to allow young people to see further education opportunities, for those interested in a career in the dance sector. Without offering dance in schools, it is simply not as accessible to many young people.’

Charlotte Perkins

One Dance UK Ambassador