Dance Ambassador induction days 2018 by Leanne

An overview of the Dance Ambassador induction days by Leanne
It was a daunting experience, I especially didn’t know what to expect and I am sure the other dance ambassadors can relate to this. However, it was soon obvious, I was stepping into such a supportive, and friendly group. As a recent BA Hons Dance graduate, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to apply to be a One Dance UK ambassador. Throughout university, One Dance UK supported my studies and I have always been a strong believer of their values. I applied to be a dance ambassador to network, further my understanding of opportunities and share my love of dance with other likeminded people, with the same passion.
We had two very, busy days full of stimulating and entertaining activities. It started with an overview of One Dance UK, learning how it is a “sector support” organisation for dance, followed by a series of ice breaker activities to allow us to connect with our fellow dance ambassadors. We were opened to all areas of the dance community and were trained on social media and advocacy. It was such a fun experience meeting people with the same passion as me and discussing how we can be a positive promoter of dance. It was clear we were a strong group interacting over group photos, a wonderful lunch, and a Saturday evening together watching a special performance by ‘The Trocks’, an all-male dance company. Two previous dance ambassadors even kindly travelled to Nottingham to share their experiences. From seeing how far they had come, I was inspired to grab as many opportunities as I can whilst being an ambassador.
After the inductions and shared experiences, Jerrel Jackson, CEO of Creative Academies Network kicked it off with a very inspirational talk on the power of dance! Jerrell recognises the younger generation as the movers and shakers of creating a resilient and excellent future of the arts. Jerrell’s presentation was motivational, as he shared his experiences and demonstrated how we could communicate the importance of different themes in dance. We were encouraged to explore outside the box throughout an advocacy challenge and we soon understood how we could become the next entrepreneurial change makers.
Ros Robins, Executive director of Dance Consortium, kindly gave us an introduction into the life of Dance consortium. During our time in Nottingham we were introduced to senior members of staff from the Theatre Royal, and Royal Concert hall. We had the privilege to take part in an informal networking session, alongside their partners, Dance 4. It was great to listen to their journeys and made me aware there is more potential career opportunities that I may not have considered before. As Jerrell Jackson would say, “you’re taught to be flexible, so why not make your career adaptable”! On the Sunday, we explored the backstage of the Theatre Royal, exploring how the theatre operate behind the scenes, inspiring us to explore our own local theatres.
On a personal level, I hope to advance my dance portfolio by developing a continual knowledge of the dance sector. By being part of an amazing organisation, I am excited to attend networking opportunities, as I would love to achieve my aspiration of promoting dance as a wider demographic. I am excited to see what the rest of my dance ambassador journey holds and I believe it will provide me with a new perspective in which I have yet to explore.