Creating a positive atmosphere in dance lessons part 2

Miss Arnold, from Bourne Academy Buckinghamshire shares how she creates a positive atmosphere in dance.

Students are asked to give positive feedback via post-it notes to those who are performing. For example, the year 10s all created a solo based on the stimulus of War. After watching the audience, made up of the rest of the class, all were given a post-it note. They were asked to give were positives from what they saw which were then given out for them to read, along with some chocolate. All the students now have a double-page spread covered in positive post-it notes to then reflect on. They can always reflect on these when the students’ self-esteem may need lifting again.

Some examples include:

Best I’ve seen you perform

Great emotion

Clear choreographic intention

You made me cry – but for good reasons

Great dynamic quality

This created a positive performance environment to be in. Although the class is a mixture of different friendship groups, they all united and have really encourage each other through applauds and cheers.  This has then had a knock-on effect students’ approach to practical work – they believe in themselves that bit more and they have been willing to challenge themselves and take risks without feeling embarrassed.